Industry Solutions for the Rail Made by CENTA

CENTA at InnoTrans 2010, hall 20, stand 124

Haan, 19.08.2010. CENTA presents industry-specific drive solutions for rail technology at InnoTrans 2010, International Trade Fair for Transport Technology. Couplings and shafts from the North-Rhine Westphalian manufacturer are available for a wide range of applications.

The requirements for couplings in railway applications are demanding: High temperatures, permanently changing environmental influences as well as significantly high mileage travelled require reliable and robust products. CENTA offers a wide range of coupling systems to suit all tasks and will showcase them at this year's InnoTrans from September 21-24, 2010:

The CENTAFLEX-T, a novelty in CENTA's portfolio, is a coupling for applications close to the wheel set in streetcars, light rail vehicles and locomotives. The wedge-type package coupling combines exceedingly high performance density with extremely compact dimensioning. This series is available in various sizes covering nominal torques from 1,200 Nm to 17,000 Nm. Compared to standard wedge-type solutions, the CENTAFLEX-T stands out by its significant installation, handling and cost benefits. The new design makes use of an improved concept of radial-axial screwing which allows the drive shaft star to be omitted. In addition, the number of wedged elements could be reduced due to an optimised geometry.

Steel membrane coupling
Another portfolio novelty is a torsionally rigid steel membrane coupling, which provides an extremely compact solution for electrical 1-bearing drives in the bogie. As an option, the coupling can be delivered with an overload unit for the protection against torque impulses, interrupting friction when the preset slip torque is exceeded. The coupling is delivered with preset slip torque and individual calibration protocol.

Reliable and robust CENTAMAX couplings are already successfully applied between engine and gearbox in diesel locomotives resp. between engine and generator in diesel-electric drives. The performance range covers torques from 100 to 45,000 Nm. Due to the coupling's flexibility, it shifts critical resonances to ranges below the operating speed, thus allowing unrestricted use of the engine's overall operating speed range with only low continuous vibratory torques.

The CENTAX-V is CENTA's highly flexible intermediate coupling for rail drives, which is equipped with a universal joint shaft for power transmission. The series includes 16 standard designs that cover torques from 230 to 44,000 Nm. Integrating a CENTAX-V into the transmission process achieves high torsional flexibility, which in turn shifts dangerous resonant vibrations to lower speed ranges below the operating range. In addition, the coupling features excellent damping characteristics.

The CENTAFLEX-A is the cost-effective, robust and highly elastic drive shaft for diesel-electric auxiliary drives. The shaft can be adapted in length to fit in with the individual installation conditions and is available for nominal torques up to 12,500 Nm. Its design principle is based on a highly flexible and extremely misalignment-compensating rubber element that ensures adjustment of misalignments as well as excellent damping characteristics with only small restoring force.

CENTA's compact and high-performing CENTALINK is suited for applications in confined spaces at the wheel drive for nominal torques up to 150,000 Nm. The links of this elastic drive shaft are screwed on with flexible rubber bushes which allow adjustment of considerable misalignments while providing excellent damping characteristics and high-degree electrical insulation. Its design principal reduces installation, service and maintenance work to a minimum.

See these and many more industry-specific drive solutions for rail technology by CENTA during the InnoTrans 2010 from September 21-24, 2010, in hall 20, stand 124.

Since 1970, the international CENTA group has been engaged in solving difficult drive train and torsional vibration challenges. Whether designing simple applications or complex systems, the 20 unique types of CENTA flexible couplings, drive shafts and supplementary products with their numerous variations provide optimal results without compromise. Through 40 years of industry leading innovations, the company ranks today among the world's leading manufacturers of flexible couplings and drive shafts for industrial, marine and rail applications as well as for power generation. Further information is available at

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