Industry-leading Efficiency and Performance Levels are Enabled by TI's Three New Digital Power Development Kits Based on Piccolo(TM) Microcontrollers

TI's expanded digital power portfolio includes industry's first kit to support Peak Current Mode Control with Slope Compensation using no additional external circuitry

HOUSTON, TX - Bringing new efficiency and performance capabilities to digital power supplies, Texas Instruments Incorporated (TI) (NYSE: TXN) today announced three new development kits that further expand its TMS320C2000(TM) microcontroller (MCU) digital power portfolio of software, tools and training. The new kits enable and simplify the more complex power supply functions that are currently in high demand, such as bridgeless design and Peak Current Mode Control (PCMC) with Slope Compensation. Programming challenges have been greatly reduced due to TI's free controlSUITE(TM) platform that includes more than 25 modular digital power software blocks. With TI's new offering, developers can harness the efficiency and reliability benefits of digital power in applications such as servers, telecom rectifiers, lighting, renewable energy, as well as hybrid and electric vehicles. For more information, go to

Each kit is based on a single C2000(TM) Piccolo MCU with integrated high-performance analog, PWMs and other control-oriented peripherals to reduce system cost. Software configurable tuning allows for more flexibility to adjust power stages to support multiple end-product requirements, as opposed to time-intensive redesign of system hardware. The kits include all of the hardware and software required to be up and running in 10 minutes or less. Additionally, the onboard isolated XDS100 USB JTAG emulation simplifies debugging and programming.

High Efficiency Bridgeless PFC AC/DC Developer's Kit features and benefits:

o Robust hardware and software enables designers to increase overall system efficiency with higher power factor and lower total harmonic distortion through flexible, digital control of an AC Rectifier stage

o Configurable for Adaptive Current Control and Non-Linear Voltage Control loop modes, as well as output over-voltage protection and inrush current limiting

o Auto-ranging AC input supports voltages from 100VAC to 220VAC and outputs 380 to 400VDC up to 300 Watts

Phase Shifted Isolated Full Bridge DC/DC Developer's Kit features and benefits:

o Peak Current Mode Control with on-chip slope compensation allows designers to jump start Isolated DC/DC power supply designs without additional external circuitry

o Peak Efficiencies of up to 95percent, with 90+ percent efficiency from 10 to 90 percent of rated power

o Support for input voltages from 380 to 400VDC with a regulated 12VDC output capable of supporting up to 600 Watts

Resonant LLC Isolated Half Bridge DC/DC Developer's Kit features and benefits:

o Complete hardware and software allows designers to quickly evaluate a digitally controlled isolated DC/DC power supply

o Input range supporting 380-400VDC with a regulated output of 12VDC, supporting up to 300 Watts at a peak efficiency of 93.7%

TI's C2000 MCU digital power portfolio also includes additional kits, such as the High Voltage PFC AC/DC Developer's Kit that provides complete hardware and software for two phase interleaved power factor correction. Free on-demand digital power training is available online, and third-party Biricha Digital Power Ltd. offers an in-depth training designed to give developers with all experience levels a solid foundation of digital power theory and extensive hands-on labs.

Pricing and availability

These new Piccolo-based development kits are immediately available for order at and priced at:

o High Efficiency Bridgeless PFC AC/DC Developer's Kit (TMDSHVBLPFCKIT): $450 US

o Phase Shifted Isolated Full Bridge DC/DC Developer's Kit (TMDSHVPSFBKIT): $550 US

o Resonant LLC Isolated Half Bridge DC/DC Developer's Kit (TMDSHVRESLLCKIT): $400

The controlSUITE software is free and can be immediately accessed at The Digital Power Multi-Day Workshop by Biricha Digital Power Ltd. is priced at $1,995 US, and locations can be found at

TI's digital power solutions

TI provides power designers with a broad portfolio of processors, controllers and drivers as well as module solutions to solve any digital power system design challenge. Whether designing for isolated or non-isolated solutions from AC/DC to DC/DC point-of-load, TI's flexible, programmable, customizable and intuitive digital power portfolio enables a variety of solutions.

TI's broad portfolio of MCUs and software

From general purpose, ultra-low power MSP430(TM) MCUs, to Stellaris® Cortex-M 32-bit MCUs and high performance, real-time control TMS320C2000 MCUs, TI offers the broadest range of microcontroller solutions. Designers can accelerate time to market by tapping into TI's complete software and hardware tools, extensive third-party offerings and technical support.

Find out more about TI's digital power solutions and support by visiting the links below:

o TI's C2000 digital power kits:

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o Three-Day Digital Power Workshop:

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