Industry Demand Drives Innovation for Heavy Equipment Attachments

MINNEAPOLIS, Minn. - May 16, 2019 - For industries ranging from farming and forestry to construction and demolition, a key to success is getting the most out of equipment in order to complete jobs faster and easier.

This demand, along with the continual development of niche markets, has led to a wave of new attachments that deliver the latest technology to hit the market.

Contractors now have an array of flexible tools and attachments that turn standard heavy equipment into versatile machines capable of performing a variety of job site tasks to help cut down on operating costs.

One advancement that is delivering a big impact for companies seeking to maximize performance and profitability is the addition of a hydraulic rotary union or swivel joint into the attachment's design.

Much like the technology that allows an excavator's cab to rotate independently from the track carriage, an attachment that is no longer limited in movement by its hydraulic hoses offers many advantages in ways a typical coupler or dangle style connection simply cannot achieve.

Rotary unions provide 360 degrees of unlimited rotation for optimal control and maneuverability. With more versatility and precision, operators are able to increase their productivity while cutting fuel costs - reducing the time spent repositioning their equipment.

Rotary union technology continues to gain recognition in the industry, helping maximize the value of attachments and in some cases, eliminating the need to purchase additional equipment.

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