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Industrial Wastewater Vertical Non-Clog Waste Ejector Pump

Press release date: May 10, 2017

The Vertiflo Pump Company offers a rugged, dependable Model 700 industrial vertical non-clog waste ejector pump for service in industrial wastes, sanitary wastes, process wastes and rendering wastes. The Model 700 is designed for long life in tough services with heads to 100 feet TDH and flows to 1500 GPM. 1.5 inch (Model 724) and 1.25 inch (Model 720) diameter shaft sizes are standard. The impeller is a fully enclosed two vane non-clog design with wiping vanes which reduce axial loading and prolong bearing life. Wiping vanes aid in keeping particles from behind impeller and pump bearing assembly. The impeller is secured to the shaft by taper fit with woodruff key/nut. There is a flanged discharge on all sizes. Designed specifically for solids handling, the 700 Series incorporates a long radius elbow, reducing friction loss and allowing smooth flow thru the discharge pipe.

The 700 Series has high-thrust angular contact ball bearing, external impeller adjustment and grease lubricated pump and line shaft bearings. Pump setting increments of 1'-0" for sump depths up to 26'-0" are offered. The standard pump lower bearing assembly consists of a choker ring and two guide bearing bushings compatible with the liquid. The standard intermediate bearing assembly consists of two guide bearings compatible with the liquid and is standard when pump length exceeds 6 feet. Standard bronze bearings come with grease lubrication. Rubber or carbon graphite are optional.

All Vertiflo pumps are delivered fast, usually shipped in one-half the typical lead time.

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