Industrial Thermoplastics Go Green

Blackwell Plastics, Houston Texas, leads the way in the use of renewable plastics and compostable plastics in industrial applications. Renewable plastics are plastics made from renewable sources such as corn, castor beans or cellulose. Compostable plastics are organic polymers that can biologically decompose under aerobic conditions. Blackwell Plastics incorporates cellulose based bio resin in the manufacturing of toothbrushes.

Engineering grade nylon 11 made from castor beans is used in the manufacturing of cell cases for batteries and corn based materials that are water soluble are used in healthcare and energy applications. "The renewable materials are rapidly gaining acceptance and being considered for new applications as the material suppliers address the processing and performance properties. We are seeing a growing interest and demand for materials that are made of renewable sources as well as compostable materials." - says Jeff Applegate, President of Blackwell Plastics.

These renewable bio based polymers can meet some of the most demanding applications requiring thermal, physical, chemical and mechanical properties. Blackwell Plastics is actively working with product designers to utilize renewable biopolymers and compostable biopolymers in a broad range of industrial applications. For more information about biopolymers for injection molding and extrusion contact Blackwell Plastics engineering at 713 643-6577.

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