Industrial Magnetics, Inc. Commisssioned for Ergonomic Lift-Assist Magnet


Industrial Magnetics Inc. was recently commissioned to design a custom magnetic lifting solution to assist in the repetitive handling of a large, heavy part in a customer’s manufacturing process.

The customer was looking to increase operator safety by implementing an ergonomic solution that minimized the need to physically reach, lift and place a part in the assembly.

Based on the application parameters, IMI’s engineering department designed a system with a permanent, on/off lift magnet that is controlled by a pneumatic actuator and positively holds the load in the event of a power loss. The lift-assist device is able to pick up the part, rotate it 90 degrees and release it by pneumatic control, no electricity required.

As operator safety was a top priority, the custom lift solution was designed with a 2 button, grip-proof-release operation for preventing unintended release of the part. 
The customer’s employees are now able to safely lift heavy, bulky parts in a manner that meets the company’s ergonomic standards.

A demonstration video of the lift-assist magnet is available to view on the company’s website. For more information on custom magnetic lift assist devices from Industrial Magnetics, Inc., please contact 888.582-0823.

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