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Indra's Traffic Management System Now Being Used in Metro Manila, in the Philippines

Press release date: Feb 20, 2014

• An advanced control centre, equipped with the multinational's Hermes solution, will help improve mobility in the Philippines' main metropolitan area, which has more than 11 million residents

• The traffic system manages from MMDA's new Command, Control and Communications Center 85 key intersections and monitors traffic with the help of 25 video surveillance cameras that have been installed at the main points in the city

• Indra is a leader in the development and implementation of intelligent technology for managing traffic and urban transport, and the company has references in a number of cities in China, Brazil, Colombia, the United States, Mexico and Spain

Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) has inaugurated the new urban traffic signal system of Metro Manila that has been developed created and equipped by Indra with the latest technologies. Its core is comprised by the Hermes smart traffic management system, developed by the multinational consulting and technology firm. The project, worth Euros5.5 million, was awarded in 2013 to Indra to include the construction of a modern 24/7 Command Control and Communications Center (also known as Metrobase v2.0) in a consortium with the Philippine company Meralco Industrial Engineering Services Corporation (Miescor).

Aside from improving the flow of traffic and reducing travel times, the technology implemented at Metro Manila stands out because it is prepared to manage future mobility since the system is capable of controlling more than 500 intersections as provision for the future. It has also been designed with a global and integrated focus that will make it possible to optimise the movement of vehicles, people, goods and services. For MMDA, having a long-term solution is essential for managing the movements of the more than 11 million residents in Metro Manila, the nation's primary business, commercial and industrial centre.

The first phase of the project included the installation of traffic controllers and traffic light regulators for 85 key intersections, all integrated in a control centre at the Metrobase v2.0 via the Hermes system. A state-of-the-art surveillance system has also been implemented along with 25 high-definition traffic control cameras to monitor vehicle circulation and road-related incidents at the city's main points.

Thanks to the high-tech control centre and the advanced comprehensive mobility management platform implemented by Indra, it will be possible to manage the city's people/service/vehicle movements in a joint and coordinated manner, resulting in shorter travel times and reduced traffic congestion with more accurate and real-time information accessed at the centre. This, in turn, will translate into lower fuel consumption and emissions. It will also improve the safety of pedestrians, commuters, motorists and vehicles in Metro Manila.

The platform's high scalability makes it possible to gradually add more signalized intersections and new systems that will enable MMDA to continue advancing towards smart mobility management.

This project for one of Asia's most important capitals reinforces Indra as one of the leading companies in the development and implementation of intelligent technology for managing traffic and urban transportation, with references in countries that include China, Brazil, Chile, Mexico, Peru, Morocco, USA, Portugal, Poland and Spain. It also strengthens Indra's growing position in the country and allows the multinational to continue advancing towards its objective of increasing its presence in the Asian market.

Indra in the Philippines
In the Transport & Traffic market, Indra is also renewing the toll system of the North Luzon Expressway (NLEX), one of the most important in the Philippines.

The company has also consolidated its presence in other markets, such as Energy & Utilities. The multinational is the global technological partner of Meralco, the largest power company in the Philippines, and provides services to the leading companies of the Philippine energy industry, such as Visayas Electric Corporation (VECO), the nation's second distributor; Cepalco; National Power Corporation (NPC), the public power company; or Energy Development Corporation (EDC), the largest geothermic power generation company, among others. The two companies that provide sanitation and sewer services in Manila have also chosen Indra's technology, which already manages the commercial processes of Mayniland, and this technology will be implemented at the Manila Water Company.

As far as other sectors, Indra is currently implementing a global health system in the most important hospital of the Philippines, the Makati Medical Centre, and it has completed the modernisation of the Justice Administration in the Philippines Supreme Court of Justice.

Indra has more than 800 professional and a software lab in the Philippines. The multinational also has subsidiaries in India, China and Sydney.

Indra is the leading Spanish multinational consulting and technology firm and one of the main players in Europe and Latin America. Innovation is the cornerstone of its business and sustainability, having allocated Euros550 million to R&D in the last three years, making it one of the leading companies in Europe in its sector in terms of investment. With sales approaching Euros3 billion, nearly 60% of its income is from the international market. The company employs 42,000 professionals and has customers in 128 countries.