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A leading manufacturer in the electronics industry contacted Design Tool Inc. to partner with them to improve productivity and eliminate quality issues with an electronics assembly.The quality issues involving the cover installation were resulting in significant downtime and rework.  These issues included leakage, cover plate damage, cross-threaded screws, and improper torque levels.  Additionally, the manufacturer needed to reduce cycle time in order to meet the desired production levels.

Design Tool Inc. designed and built a turn-key multi-spindle machine to address the quality issues while meeting or exceeding the cycle time requirements.  The machine was designed with four pneumatic screwdrivers mounted on individual platen assemblies with 2 axis linear motion.  The machine installed 4 screws, then shifted the platen positions and installed the remaining 3 screws.  The screw installation sequence insured the integrity of the cover plate seal, eliminating the leakage problems.  The auto-shutoff clutches on the screwdrivers insured that the screws were torqued correctly, eliminating problems with stripped or cross-threaded screws.The screw delivery system included Design Tool’s patented single feed mechanism feeding a four exit multi-feed system. 

When the machine was placed into production, the quality issues were eliminated, and the cycle time exceeded the production requirements by almost 50%, resulting in a return on investment of less than 9 months.  The manufacturer was very satisfied with the results.

Please call or visit our website for all your automated fastener needs.  Design Tool Inc. can create a successful solution for you as well.

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