InCord: Internationally Certified for Quality Management Newly ISO 9001 Certified

Colchester, Conn. (July 2008) - InCord, a fabricator of custom safety netting recently archived the internationally recognized business certification of ISO 9001. InCord, a leader in the field of safety netting for industry is the only United States netting fabricator to achieve ISO 9001 certification for quality management and manufacturing.

InCord established operations in 1995 as a small business specializing in the production of custom made synthetic mesh panels used for fall protection in the material handling, construction, sports, vehicle maintenance and amusement industries.

Today InCord is the largest netting fabricator in the United States, and the largest distributor of knotless polypropylene netting in North America. What began over thirteen years ago as a joint venture between three experts in netting has steadily grown today into a 26,000 square foot factory with over 50 employees located in the community of Colchester, Connecticut, a small town rich in early American history and industrial innovation.

After having moved for the third time to accommodate greater manufacturing space, InCord began looking for new quality benchmarks that would assure its continued growth and strong market position as the company moved ahead into a global marketplace.

In the early days of the company, setting a quality level based on the performance of others was rather easy, but in recent years, the competition to do so fell within the company itself. "There was virtually no one else to look up to" said Ed Ritz, VP of Operations. That is when InCord management knew it was time to find a quality program that would provide the needed benchmarks while continually mentoring the company as it grew.

It was through the International Standards Organization (ISO) headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland, that the management at InCord adopted the internationally accepted "Quality Management System" referred to as ISO 9001 for the benefit of improving the quality performance and growth of the company on an international scale.

ISO 9001 certifies that the business process of an organization is traceable and repeatable through its own set of standardized procedures, with the goal of self improvement through monitoring and review and quantified through customer satisfaction.

InCord received official ISO certification in March of 2008 following an independent quality audit of the company's quality policies and procedures. With company wide ISO procedures having already been in practice for several months, the final audit in the spring of 08 simply provided InCord the official acknowledgement that they had achieved the best in business, they had earned ISO 9001 certification.

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