Imtra Initiates First U.S. Side-Power Stabilizer Install

Upgraded Stabilizer System Wows Owner and Captain for Performance Both At Rest and In Motion

New Bedford, Mass. - Imtra, the leading manufacturer and importer of quality marine products, announced today its first U.S. installation of a Side-Power Stabilizer System. Designed using the latest technology to enhance passenger comfort, the Side-Power Stabilizers were installed in a 105-foot Sunseeker as a replacement for an existing system to reduce rolling while at anchor and minimize rolling while underway. Once installed, the captain and owner saw significant performance improvements with no significant impact on speed or fuel consumption.

"The Side-Power Stabilizer System works brilliantly and has exceeded our expectations," said Trevor Woodman, captain of the Sunseeker 105 Sea Raider. "Adding these stabilizers has changed the boat's overall performance and how we use it. We can now go to sea in almost any condition and anchor out without worrying about guests getting sea-sick or having to endure an uncomfortable motion."

With the ability to electronically set the center position for five different hull speeds, Side-Power Stabilizers allow the fins to be perfectly positioned for maximum efficiency at all operating speeds. Other stabilizers' center position is tuned for specific velocities reducing their effectiveness and increasing drag at non-calibrated speeds. The motion experienced with the prior system made trips uncomfortable and exhausting for the crew, not to mention causing delays because of heavy weather. Side-Power Stabilizers reduce the roll of the yacht by about 90% at any speed including zero - making for a more comfortable ride and a greater ability to make passage in inclement weather or challenging sea conditions.

"The previous stabilizer system was installed in the VIP cabin and noise was a big issue," continued Woodman. "The Side-Power system is virtually silent even when in operation at anchor."

"Stabilizers are not new. What is new is the way Side-Power Stabilizer Systems function," said Phil Whittaker, product manager - Side-Power Stabilizer Systems, Imtra. "Side-Power has taken the technology to new heights by providing a system that is extremely efficient and user friendly. We are proud to bring this 'better mousetrap' to the U.S. market. This first installation has confirmed our expectations that this is, without question, the best performing stabilizer system available today."

The Side-Power Stabilizer System is typically used on yachts, ships and superyachts, bringing stabilizer comfort to power vessels ranging from 70- to 150-feet while underway at any operating speed or at anchor. Its cutting-edge, hydrodynamic fin design was the result of significant research utilizing advanced software analysis. The Side-Power fin profile reduces resistance by 20% compared to other fin stabilizer systems on the market. The system steadies the uncomfortable rolling motion of a boat in turbulent waters and allows users to take more direct routes, even in rough seas, reducing overall fuel consumption and travel time.

The new stabilizer system has a number of other key advancements over existing systems. The actuator uses dual-operating rams to balance loads on the shaft and to reduce the space needed to fit within the boat - this is of particular importance on retrofits where space is always an issue. The system mounts accurately, quickly and easily in the hull. All internal hydraulic actuator connections are pre-fit at the factory for safe and easy setup. The system also employs unique bearing mechanisms that reduce the complexity of shaft installation.

Extending innovation beyond hardware, the custom-designed Side-Power software that operates the system makes calibration of the stabilizers significantly easier and quicker than with older systems. With minimal setup, the solution in essence calibrates itself to perform optimally at virtually any vessel speed.

Featuring advanced stabilizer technology, modern design principles and sturdy, reliable construction, the innovative Side-Power systems from Imtra provide all the benefits of a powerful stabilizer with the enhancements of low drag, S-Link controller intelligence and compact installation measurements for performance and easy set up. The Stabilizer systems are available in sizes ranging from 0.43 square meters (4.6 square feet) to 2 square meters (21.5 square feet). Side-Power Stabilizer Systems from Imtra are protected by a 2-year limited warranty.

Pricing and Availability:

Side-Power Stabilizer Systems are designed for 70- to 150-foot vessels, range in price from $60,000 to $100,000, and can be purchased from Imtra's dedicated network of dealers and installers throughout the United States and Canada. For more information on the first U.S. Side-Power Stabilizer System installation, Side-Power Stabilizer Systems, Imtra or its entire marine product line, please contact 508-995-7000 or visit

A video slide show of the Sunseeker installation is available on YouTube: hW8rYLsvvoQHHBZNvpE.

About Imtra:

Imtra, based in New Bedford, Massachusetts, is an importer and manufacturer of high quality consumer marine products, advanced LED solutions and integrated marine systems, as well as a key supplier to the OEM and aftermarket. With over 50 years in the marine business, Imtra has sales and support teams in 11 regions throughout North America. The company's extensive product knowledge is available to its customers through a renowned full-service department and professional customer service group. Product categories include Lighting, Thrusters, Anchoring Systems, Wipers, Antennas, Gangways and other speciality products.

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