IMR Test Labs - Lansing Acquires KEYENCE VHX-5000 Microscope

IMR Test Labs now offers metallurgical services using a KEYENCE VHX-5000 microscope at our Lansing, NY location. The VHX-5000 allows IMR to provide enhanced, 3D, free-angle imaging at magnifications previously not available, providing you with more accurate measurements and photomicrographs of your test samples.

The advanced functions of the VHX-5000 increase the efficiency of basic analytical operations like observation, image capturing, and unit measuring, which permit faster turnaround times on many metallurgical tests. The VHX-5000 is non-destructive, so after testing is complete, valuable materials can be returned to you. Additionally the VHX-5000 is portable, allowing IMR to test your oversize samples and to test your samples offsite.

The microscope is utilized by IMR in numerous metallurgical analyses such as:

  • Microstructure

  • Grain Flow

  • Grain Size

  • Pitting Depth/ Laser Marking Depth Measurements

  • Debris/ Particle Size

  • Inclusion Rating

  • Surface roughness characterization (3D imaging)

  • More accurate Dimensional Analysis

  • Medical Device Implant Coatings Analysis

  • Characterization of Solder Joints

About IMR Test Labs

IMR Test Labs is a business unit of the Curtiss-Wright Surface Technologies. IMR is headquartered in Lansing, NY and operates state-of-the-art laboratory facilities in Lansing, NY, Louisville, KY, Portland, OR, Singapore, Suzhou, China and Derby, UK. IMR Test Labs is a Nadcap (All), A2LA - ISO/IEC 17025 (All), SAC – ISO/IEC 17025 (SPR), Pratt Whitney MCL (NY, OR, SPR) and GE S-400 (NY, KY, OR, SPR, SUZ) approved materials testing laboratory offering a complete scope of independent analytical services for metals, polymers, composites and ceramics. IMR Test Labs is a business unit of Curtiss-Wright Surface Technologies.

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