Improving Productivity Through Metrology

Recently, BC Engineering and Design performed a detailed alignment of a custom induction Heat Treat Machine (IHTM). The manufacturing facility was experiencing inconsistent surface heat treat results with their precision machined parts. Initial measurements showed that the machine was not level or parallel. The frame of the machine was out of alignment by greater than 1/2". The desired specification was to maintain ±0.020". Over a period of time, the machine had been modified and "tweaked" in an attempt to improve the quality of the product, but nothing had been documented. Product changes had resulted in subtle changes to the machine design, This resulted in severe misalignment of the machine.

BC Engineering and Design engineers used the FARO® Laser Tracker system to measure the alignment and assist the maintenance personnel in getting the machine back into alignment. The result was an overall increase in quality to the desired level. In addition, BCED personnel were able to identify improvements that could be made to the machine design for very low capital costs.

Traditional engineering design and analysis is the key to a sensible design. BC Engineering and Design prides itself in solid, straight-forward design and common sense analysis.  We have over 30 years of experience in nuclear, production, and DOD projects.

FEA is software for performing virtual testing of systems. Material and forces may be inserted, changed, and tested without the expense of laboratory experiments. The natural frequency of a system can be determined to predict failure.  Physical static, thermal, and impact forces can be inserted to predict displacement and stresses.

BC Engineering and Design uses FARO® portable Coordinate Measuring (CMM) equipment for alignment, metrology, and reverse engineering. Our operators and engineers can measure out to 230 feet to within 0.001" to all geometric tolerances (GD&T).


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