Imaging Diagnostics Integrates New Scale's M3-F Focus Module into Compact USB 2.0 Smart Cameras for Commercial Imaging Customer

Leading maker of custom smart cameras for machine vision quickly adds auto focus to existing camera system -- without changing package size or USB-only power advantage

Victor, NY - New Scale Technologies, Inc. ( today announced that Imaging Diagnostics (, a leading provider of embedded imaging solutions for machine vision, has integrated New Scale's miniature M3-F focus module into its Camelot USB 2.0 smart camera. Volume production of the smart camera is expected to begin in June 2011.

The M3-F module is a compact lens motion system with a piezoelectric motor, position sensor, drive IC and microprocessor integrated into a single package - about the size of a fixed lens holder - operating on a 3.3 V battery supply. Imaging Diagnostics will use the M3-F to move a custom lens from Sunex ( with 0.5 micron position resolution. The custom smart camera has a 5MP sensor and embedded DSP for high processing and data transfer capabilities at the price of a regular industrial USB 2.0 camera system.

"The M3-F focus module enabled us to very quickly develop an auto-focus USB 2.0 smart camera that is a drop-in replacement for the fixed-focus camera we currently make for this customer," said Ofer Leizerovich, president of Imaging Diagnostics. "We are very impressed with the module's small size, high resolution, and ease of integration into our Camelot camera system using the SPI interface. With this innovative technology from New Scale, we've been able to help our customer achieve a very significant time-to-market advantage for their new, higher-performance commercial imaging system."

Imaging Diagnostics chose the M3-F focus module to meet a customer's requirement for rapid delivery of a variable-focus camera system with the same package size as the Camelot USB 2.0 fixed-focus smart camera, while maintaining the Camelot system's ability to operate on USB power alone.

Camelot smart cameras are designed for machine builders and mass production devices. These USB 2.0 smart cameras have a high effective frame rate for faster performance, a buffer on camera for better resolution and more stable frame rate, and an on-camera pre-processor to manage more data. Various interface options ensure stand-alone functionality, small size and competitive pricing. Customized to individual specifications, Camelot smart cameras lower production costs, improve quality and reduce time to market.

New Scale's M3-F focus module is an integrated micro-mechatronics system incorporating a piezoelectric SQUIGGLE micro motor, position sensor, driver and microprocessor in a compact 20 x 22 x 16 mm housing. With small size and low power use, it is ideal for OEM camera systems. Mounted over the sensor on an OEM board camera, it improves image quality and efficiency in applications such as biometric imaging, machine vision and medical diagnostic systems.

About New Scale Technologies, Inc.
New Scale Technologies ( is an innovation and micro-manufacturing company delivering ingeniously small motion systems. We serve worldwide markets for mobile products, medical devices, defense and security systems and industrial instruments. Every day our creative engineers and scientists use their deep understanding of micro-mechatronic technologies to solve the most demanding customer problems. We combine our talents with the capabilities of our global strategic partners, to provide "best in class" integrated circuits, ceramic components and high-volume manufacturing. Through direct customer engagements, continuous innovation and strategic partnerships, we deliver disruptively small, precise and low-power motion systems that enable our customers to create smaller feature-rich products. New Scale's SQUIGGLE micro motors, TRACKER position sensors and M3 micro-mechatronic modules enable design engineers to create smaller products including cameras for mobile phone, medical, defense, precision tuning and industrial applications.

About Imaging Diagnostics LTD
Imaging Diagnostics ( is an innovative company developing and manufacturing machine vision products and embedded systems for a wide variety of applications. The company's line of cameras is based on digital signal processors which enable extended features and higher performance and flexibility, extending the usage of USB cameras. Part of the BDR Group, Imaging Diagnostics manufactures all products in its own manufacturing facility for shorter deliver times, higher reliability and attractive costs.

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New Scale Technologies +1 (585) 924-4450
Imaging Diagnostics +972 (8) 9401718

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