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Imagine Communications Demonstrates Playout from Cloud at 2014 NAB Show

Press release date: Apr 07, 2014

A unified IP media platform frees broadcasters from geographic, content origination and hardware dependencies; represents future of broadcast operations

LAS VEGAS - Imagine Communications, a market share leader of software and networking solutions serving the global media and entertainment markets, today announced plans to demonstrate at the 2014 NAB Show a new cloud-based solution that redefines the technology required to originate, store, and deliver video content. Imagine Communications' unique solution enables playout in the cloud, coupled with IP transcoding of contribution sources including baseband. For the first time in broadcast history, Imagine Communications demonstrates an evolutionary path to cloud-based operations that unshackles media companies from the bonds of hardware-centric networks.

"Playout and networking of video from the public or private cloud, or under control of cloud-based management systems, is our collective future, and it will forever change the way we manage, deliver and monetize set top and multiscreen video content," said Tim Mendoza, VP of Product Development for Imagine Communications. "This innovation will enable broadcasters to run video channel operations virtually, creating a paradigm shift in the industry that will enable a new realm of flexibility, scalability and control. Without requiring forklift upgrades, our solution provides an evolutionary path to this new future that leverages existing investments and provides significantly improved economics over current operations."

Visitors to Imagine Communications' booth will see a demonstration of uncompressed and compressed video converted to IP and managed by a comprehensive suite of integrated playout capabilities via both public and private clouds. Network programming will originate from the cloud where it will be regionalized within Imagine Communications' NAB private cloud with local content, including live uncompressed IP sources. The resulting regional feeds will be distributed in compressed, ABR, and uncompressed IP and SDI baseband formats for traditional and TV Everywhere viewing.

This breakthrough, software-centric solution could substantially improve the economics of the industry and allow, for example, a national broadcaster to manage and control content to its affiliates via IP rather than other means, such as over-the-air satellite distribution. This would significantly reduce infrastructure demands at both network and affiliate locations and help enable cost-effective scaling and reach into new geographic markets.

Partner trials will begin following the NAB Show. To see this demonstration at the show, visit Imagine Communications booth N2503.

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