Image Sensing Systems Develops Advanced Video Detection Solutions with Texas Instruments DaVinci(TM) Technology

Autoscope(R) Terra(TM) Products Provide High-Quality Traffic Video Detection with Analytics Enabled By DaVinci Technology

ST. PAUL, Minn. and HOUSTON, May 7 /-- Improving traffic flow and promoting roadway safety, Image Sensing Systems (NASDAQ:ISNS) (ISS) and partner Econolite Control Products has introduced its Autoscope(R) Terra(TM) products, a new generation of video detection solutions that leverages Texas Instruments Incorporated's (NYSE:TXN) (TI) DaVinci(TM) technology to generate high performance digital video processing and provide accurate, real-time vehicle and incident detection. ISS was able to create this new generation of advanced, intelligent Autoscope products for use in transportation systems with the DaVinci technology portfolio of products, including the processors, software and development tools.

The Autoscope Terra family of products, which includes the Autoscope Solo Terra and Autoscope RackVision Terra systems, utilizes TI's TMS320DM6446 DSP- based system-on-chip (SoC) and targets Intelligent Transportation Systems markets, which include intersection control, highway monitoring and tunnel safety. Autoscope Terra products instantly generate high-quality video output made possible through the DM6446, which is optimized for video encode and decode applications with its integrated video accelerators, peripherals, complementary software and development tools.

"Our product development team recognized immediately that TI's DSP-based SoC would provide the power and sophistication we required to develop our new generation product with enhanced processing, new capabilities and native video streaming," said Craig Anderson, VP Marketing and Technical Services, ISS. "By using DaVinci technology and toolkits, we were able to release a complete product line within one year. It is already providing multiple benefits to our customers, one being the ability to stream MPEG-4 digital video from each Autoscope Terra processor."

By harnessing the performance of TI's DM6446 processor with ISS' proprietary detection algorithms in the Autoscope Terra systems, ISS offers multi-threaded software that processes video images in real-time to monitor traffic, extract data and transmit detector outputs while simultaneously streaming MPEG-4 digital video. Each Autoscope Terra product includes MPEG-4 streaming, allowing video output to be viewed over the internet by transportation personnel. As a result, incidents such as traffic accidents or a fire within a tunnel can be easily detected by Autoscope Terra systems to alert the appropriate emergency responder as needed. Transportation operations that utilize the Autoscope Terra products are provided real-time data and alarm notification to allow for quicker response time.

"The use of DaVinci technology has given ISS the ability to quickly add new processing capability for new applications, provide MPEG-4 streaming video, and web browser connectivity," said Greg Mar, Catalog SoC marketing manager, TI. "This has reduced development time and allowed for more sophisticated, real-time video processing to the benefit of commuters and traffic control operators."

Additionally, to increase efficiency in product development, ISS relied on TI's DM644x Digital Video Evaluation Module (DVEVM), which includes highly optimized multimedia codecs, application programming interfaces (APIs) and frameworks. ISS also utilized the Digital Video Software Development Kit (DVSDK), an innovative tool set that helps designers decrease basic system design from months to weeks, allowing them to direct resources to product differentiation.

The Autoscope Solo Terra and Autoscope RackVision Terra products are distributed in the Americas by Econolite, in Asia Pacific by Flow Traffic Ltd., and in Europe by Image Sensing Systems Europe Ltd. For more information on Autoscope Terra products, visit .

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Headquartered in St. Paul, Minnesota, Image Sensing Systems, Inc. combines expertise in image processing, hardware and software engineering, and communications to develop Autoscope(R) video detection systems for advanced traffic management and control applications. With equipment supplied for over 50,000 cameras in more than 55 countries, we are a global leader in video detection for management and safety systems for highways, bridges, tunnels and intersections. Autoscope products provide transportation managers the means to reduce roadway congestion, improve safety and security, gain cost efficiencies and assist in roadway planning. For more information, visit .

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