ILSCO Expands Offering on NIMBUS®4FLEX

ILSCO is pleased to announce an exciting enhancement to its NIMBUS4FLEX line of pre-insulated connectors. NIMBUS4FLEX now accommodates the broadest range and size of conductor types, giving the marketplace the greatest flexibility of any pre-insulated product on the market today.

The broad wire range on the NIMBUS4FLEX product now ranges from 750kcmil / 535.3 DLO - #14 AWG. Most pre-insulated products are limited to 350kcmil. NIMBUS4FLEX accepts B,C,H,I,K,M and DLO conductor classes and is currently available in 2, 3, 4 or 6 ports configurations. For additional configurations, please contact the factory. The entire line of NIMBUS connectors are UL Listed, CSA Certified and dual rated for copper or aluminum conductors.

Applications for NIMBUS4FLEX include motor leads, control panels, wiring trough, industrial and commercial construction.

ILSCO is your ClearChoice for electrical connectors.


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ILSCO is your ClearChoice® for electrical connectors.

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