IdentiPHI Acquires SAFsolution and SAFmodule Software

Acquisition broadens IdentiPHI's product base to provide enterprise-grade security to its customers

AUSTIN, Texas, March 13 - IdentiPHI LLC, announces the purchase of SAFsolution and SAFmodule software from Saflink® Corporation and received certain rights under Saflink's patent portfolio. The terms of the agreement were composed of an up-front cash investment as well as ongoing royalties for three years. As part of this agreement, IdentiPHI will assume responsibility for all SAFsolution and SAFmodule customers and resellers.

SAFsolution and SAFmodule are market-leading biometric authentication products that provide enterprise-level security solutions for corporate and government users. Strong authentication methods such as smart cards and fingerprints as well as other biometric methods such as facial recognition, iris, and retina pattern may be used to authenticate users to corporate resources. SAFsolution integrates Microsoft® Windows® Active Directory to boost network and workstation authentication security and simplify or eliminate password management. SAFmodule brings biometric authentication to Novell® eDirectory(TM) networks.

IdentiPHI has been in the authentication and identity management market as an OEM provider of integrated third party products for many years. This acquisition allows IdentiPHI to manage and develop its own intellectual property. IdentiPHI will continue to maintain and grow the existing partnership with Bio-Key International to provide the biometric middleware which will allow IdentiPHI to maintain a hardware-agnostic approach to support biometric hardware.

IdentiPHI will be releasing a major update of the SAFsolution code in summer 2007 to support Microsoft Vista as well as 64-bit versions of Server 2003 and Longhorn. Subsequent releases in late 2007 will incorporate additional security features such as Trusted Platform Module support for key management applications and file / folder encryption. IdentiPHI will further expand on the software offerings of other partners to enhance biometric support to our IdentiPHI Single Sign-On product which is an OEM from ActivIdentity.

"The acquisition of an industry leading brand combined with our existing market experience will clearly place IdentiPHI at the top position in this marketplace. The biometric market has been expanding recently as more and more computer manufacturers are imbedding sensors into their notebook platforms. This is the sign that biometrics have made the mainstream and we see exponential growth from here." says Peter Gilbert, CEO of IdentiPHI.

In addition to the software products acquired, IdentiPHI received a royalty-free, non-exclusive license right of use for Saflink's Patent No. 6,618,806, or 806 Patent, issued September 9, 2003. The terms of the agreement include provisions for IdentiPHI to jointly enforce and seek remedies from infringers of this patent with Saflink. Many existing biometric solution providers use a matching process similar to the one outlined in the 806 patent. The 806 Patent is a process for controlling access to a computer network using biometric authentication. The patent primarily addresses a critical step in biometric authentication -- the policy system. The invention provides the flexibility administrators need to tailor biometric security for users within their organization. This patent describes how to control access in a computer network environment with a policy-based biometric authentication solution. For instance, it applies to systems that obtain a user's ID, determines which biometric to use for authentication (using either a user-specific policy or a system default policy), captures the user's biometric, compares the live sample to a record on file, and allows the user to log on if matched.

IdentiPHI has partnered with Dell for FOSE 2007 in Washington DC. Stop by to see SAFsolution as well as encryption solutions for US Federal government and the Dell HSPD-12 order ready package.

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