IDEAL Addresses Industry Need for Higher Performing Cutting Accessories with Line of Professional-Grade Saws & Drill Bits

SYCAMORE, IL — IDEAL INDUSTRIES, INC., a leading supplier of tools for building contractors, has stepped up its presence in the cutting tools marketplace to meet the growing demand for performance-driven, higher value and longer-lasting saw blades and drill bits.

IDEAL estimates that North American sales of cutting tool accessories will see 4-5% growth through 2016 among professional contractors who recognize that the right power tool is only half the solution to remaining productive, the other part being top quality cutting accessories.

"Demand gains for power tools, especially cordless battery-powered tools, continue to outperform other tool categories, because of their greater capacity for innovation," said Brian Slayton, Business Unit Manager - Tools and Supplies for IDEAL. "More power tools equates to a heightened need for accessories. IDEAL has taken the lead in product development to address end-user concerns for accessories' quality and value, raising the bar to exceed contractor expectations."

Slayton points to recent examples of IDEAL innovation: 

Power-Spade™ Spade Bits: Sporting a unique full-cone threaded tip, the Power-Spade operates fast, requiring up to 50% less force to achieve even faster cuts than other leading competitors' spade bits. Self-feeding action promotes smoother, vibration-free drilling while the contoured paddle quickly removes chips from the hole, preventing lockup when boring through wood, cement board, composite enclosures or ceiling tile.

Tri-Bore™ Hole Saw: This multi-purpose hole saw features a set of three Tungsten Carbide teeth for ultra-aggressive cutting action in HVAC, electrical, plumbing and maintenance/repair applications. It allows users to make faster cuts through virtually any construction material, whether its nail-encrusted wood, cement and plastic board, plaster, composite enclosures, or ceiling tiles for recessed lighting.

Quick Change Step Drill Bits: Double-fluted step drill bits feature ¼ in. hex shank, as well as aggressive split point tip that prevents skidding across surface and eliminates need to make pilot hole or punch. Each 1/16 in. multi-diameter step is radius-blended to smoothly transition from one step to next. Bits also have double-fluted design with secondary cutting edge to minimize vibration.

TKO™ Hole Cutters: Offering the superior accuracy and rigidity in hole drilling operations required for electrical, HVAC and maintenance work, TKO carbide tipped hole cutters are a smart alternative to knockouts or bi-metal hole saws. The cutters incorporate the exclusive SmoothStart™ pilot drill that guides the TKO into sheet metal to yield smoother, burr-free holes while also preventing damage to its precision-ground carbide teeth. An integral arbor assures improved control, while a flange is built-in to avoid over-drilling beyond the sheet metal.

When developing new blades and bits, IDEAL engineers visit numerous jobsites to research end-user cutting requirements, as well as to provide prototypes to contractors for real-world assessments. By utilizing contractor input IDEAL has consistently developed accessories delivering increased speed, cleaner cuts, and longer life compared to standard bits and blades.  

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IDEAL INDUSTRIES, INC. has been serving the electrical industry since 1916. IDEAL is one of the world's leading manufacturers of professional quality tools and supplies serving installation professionals in the construction, maintenance, data communications and original equipment manufacturing industries.

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