Iconotech Announces Expanded Print Functionality

New print pads provide high quality print on low quality corrugated board

CLINTON, CT (March, 2008) - ICONOTECH, the leading solutions provider of generic case printing equipment, introduces the next generation of printing pad for its case printers that make printing even most problematic grades of corrugated a reality.

The material enhancements in Iconotech's new printing pad provides a more precise ink lay-down on the surface of corrugated board, resulting in superior print on inferior board. Irregular surfaces, cheap face sheet and high plastic content in low quality board present a difficult substrate for print. What this means in practical terms is that Iconotech printers can now achieve good print results on board with high recycle content, thinner or flimsier board and corrugate that has a heavier washboard surface common to lower quality face sheet.

Existing customers also attest to the further advantage of a shorter ink dry time. More precise ink metering reduces the amount of ink lay-down on the surface of the board without compromising the contrast ratio of the black print against the brown board, so critical for positive bar code reads. Any chance for even slight set-off of ink to the underside of subsequent cases in a bundle is also eliminated.

Iconotech case printers are made in the USA. Headquartered in Clinton, Connecticut, Iconotech is recognized as a leader in case printing solutions for the secondary packaging market. For more information, please contact Linda Bertelsen, Iconotech, P. O. Box 918, One Heritage Park Road, Clinton, CT, 06413, call 800.521.0194; fax 860.669.5109; e-mail lbertelsen@iconotech.com, or visit their web site at www.iconotech.com


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