Hydratight Takes NASA to Great Heights

HYDRATIGHT engineers have helped NASA's rocket launches fly straight and true.

Machining services specialists at Hydratight were asked to help prepare launch facilities for NASA operations. Technicians were asked to undertake critical milling and boringwork to keep two giant launch pads precisely horizontal - to tolerances of no more than 0.015in across six mounting points.

A laser system was deployed to maintain the exact level across the pads, with the final level being achieved through high-precision milling.

In all, 19 field technicians employed seven DL Ricci milling machines, heat-treating equipment and a line-boring machine for three weeks to complete the work - within the precise NASA specification.

"When you are dealing with such massive structures involving objects with huge potential for destruction if things go wrong, you have to be ultra-precise," said Hydratight's southeast regional sales leader, Rick Neurohr.

"Our technicians are used to working with that kind of precision, so we were very proud to assist."

For further information visit www.hydratight.com or contact Rick Neurohr at rick.neurohr@hydratight.com

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