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Hybrid Electronics - Oviedo, FL

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Hybrid Electronics - The Reliable Electronic Component Distributors Offers Material Management Solutions

Press release date: Nov 27, 2012

Florida, United States - Hybrid Electronics, one among the experienced electronic component distributors, offer exclusive material management solutions to their clients. Their clientele includes companies from the following industries: aerospace, automotive, broadcast, commercial, medical, military, telecommunications, wireless communications and more. There are several hard to find the electronic components which are critical for the functioning of the devices.

An extensive stock of over 500,000 parts makes them a reliable distributor. Even if their clients are in need of non-stocked materials, they can help provide these materials. The company has established friendly business relations with a wide network of component suppliers across the globe. This provides them access to almost 50 million ready-to-use components. This sourcing strategy of the company for non-stocked products is remarkable.

Many components are unavailable in the market as they are obsolete. The manufacturers would have ceased to produce these as they are no longer in demand. Hybrid Electronics can help to find even obsolete electronic components to help their clients save their time and money. Many approach this product distributor as they are dissatisfied with the services offered by their current component manufacturing company. Many others simply look for a better pricing strategy.

They are trusted semiconductor distributors offering a range of suitable components for various devices. As the semiconductor makes the electronic devices function faster and more reliable, it is an integral component. A diverse range of equipments are dependent on these. Battery chargers, communication devices, remote controls, temperature sensors and wireless devices are equipments which are used on daily basis. Each of these functions with the help of high quality semiconductors.

Hybrid electric components are known for quality and consistency. The equipment manufacturers and sub contractors sell their excess inventory on a monthly basis to this company. The exclusive product line of Hybrid Electronics includes integrated circuits, microcircuits, plugs, jacks, capacitors, circuit breakers, circuit interrupters, sensors, resistors, switch encoders and more.

The company requests its customers to upload the list of materials through their website. The products in demand would be matched against the existing stock. On request, they source the non-stocked components too. Availability of the right components in a timely manner enhances the ease of design, assembly and manufacturing of equipments. The company distributes components that have undergone quality assurance tests. Products offered at the best rates have helped both small and large businesses. Additional information about this electronic component distributor is available at