Humidity and Temperature Sensor for Mobile Devices

STAEFA, Switzerland, February 17, 2012 - While Android has recently introduced the new sensor API for humidity and temperature, Sensirion already offers the full sensor solution for mobile devices. SHT21, the extremely small humidity and temperature sensor, has been proven in millions of mobiles up until now. In addition, Sensirion provides a strong implementation expertise and more than 10 years of experience in chip-scale humidity sensing.

The new Android sensor API parameters will revolutionize the realm of apps. "With the humidity and temperature sensor SHT21 our customers can ensure their mobile devices are ready for an enormous amount of apps relating to gaming, cosmetics, mHealth, comfort, safety and many more. Indeed, even direct interaction can be improved by AirTouch(TM), a touchless interface, by exhaling, or similar functions," explained Dominic Boeni, Market Manager Mobile Devices.

Due to the very low power consumption of only 3.2 microwatts W, the SHT21 does not even need to be considered for the power management of the device. Therefore the sensor is perfectly suited for smartphones and tablets, where the power consumption is a major concern. A further important point is that for the measurement of both ambient temperature as well as humidity it is essential to expose the sensor to the environment. Sensirion's SHT21 humidity and temperature sensor is combined and for that reason offers a definite advantage.

With its vast experience regarding mechanical design-in of the sensor, Sensirion can support its customers to ensure smooth project designs. Furthermore, on the software side, Sensirion sample code for the complete integration of the SHT21 into Android 4.0 is available. Together with the local support teams in China, South Korea, the US and Japan, Sensirion can provide its partners with a highly skilled and efficient on-site support.

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About Sensirion

The Swiss sensor manufacturer Sensirion AG is a leading international supplier of CMOS-based sensor components and systems. Its range of high-quality products includes humidity and temperature sensors, mass flow meters and controllers, gas and liquid flow sensors, and differential pressure sensors. Sensirion supports its international OEM customers with tailor-made sensor system solutions for a wide variety of applications.
Among others, they include analytical instruments, consumer goods, and applications in the medical technology, automotive and HVAC sectors. Sensirion products are distinguished by their use of patented CMOSens® technology. This enables customers to benefit from intelligent system integration, including calibration and digital interfaces. Sensirion's competence as a reliable OEM partner is underlined by its quality management system, which was certified in March 2008 in accordance with the ISO/TS 16949 standard.

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