Huhtamaki to Highlight Flexible, Sustainable Packaging and In-Plant Forming Systems at PACK EXPO

De Soto, KS - From dual-ovenable containers to new in-plant packaging formers, Huhtamaki will feature flexible and sustainable products in booth #4142 during PACK EXPO International 2010, set for October 31-November 3 in the North Hall of Chicago's McCormick Place.

"PACK EXPO visitors can see firsthand how we're meeting industry demands for more cost-efficient and environmentally conscious solutions for packaging products, as well as our efficient, in-plant packaging systems for food processors," said Penny Staats, Manager, Marketing Services for Huhtamaki Consumer Services Division.

Huhtamaki Ovenware II® trays can be used for ready-to-serve meals that can be taken from the freezer (-40°F) to the table via either microwave or conventional oven (up to 400°F) while offering more strength than pressed paper and easier handling than plastic trays. Ovenware II provides sustainability advantages by being made of 100 percent pre-consumer fiber. It can be custom-molded into various tray sizes, shapes or configurations, with any number of compartments.

"Ovenware II also offers marketers a consumer friendly tray," Staats points out. "The tray can be embossed with a logo, or printed with brand-specific or promotional images, and the fibers themselves can be tinted. The added benefit to consumers is that these trays are easy to use and 'Cool to the Touch(TM)' when handled after heating."

An extensive array of Ovenware II trays will be displayed in the booth, along with other sustainable Huhtamaki solutions. These include rough molded fiber products such as drink cup carrier trays, and smooth molded fiber options, including Huhtamaki's signature Chinet® brand plates.

Huhtamaki Systems(TM)

Noting that in-plant packaging formers are gaining favor among food processors seeking new levels of production-line flexibility and efficiency, Staats indicated the company will showcase two Huhtamaki forming machines at PACK EXPO.

The new Huhtamaki Systems(TM) FM-4000 is capable of forming both round and non-round, plastic or paperboard containers ranging in size from single serve to 64 ounces. A full range of options will be displayed at PACK EXPO. A video of this new machine in action can be watched in the booth as it makes commercial product on the Huhtamaki production floor. Compared to other packaging formers, it requires a much smaller 7' x 9' footprint. Engineered for easier one-person operating, the FM-4000 also enables fast changeovers to accommodate short-notice shifts in packaging sizes.

At PACK EXPO, booth visitors can see for themselves how the FM-1423P forming machine - which can run both paperboard and plastic - turns flat, preprinted and die-cut sheets into different sizes of paperboard containers, quickly and efficiently.

On-demand in-plant package forming with the FM1423P, FM-4000 and all other Huhtamaki Systems(TM) gives users significant additional benefits. Preprinted and die-cut package sidewalls are shipped flat, with about 10 times as much packaging per truckload compared to preformed containers. As a result, transportation costs and on-site warehousing requirements are reduced by nearly 90 percent while providing a considerable "green" advantage. On the plant floor, much less time is required to change packaging for special orders or promotions.

Huhtamaki is a global leader in the packaging industry, specializing in consumer and food packaging solutions including rigid paperboard, rigid plastic, and molded fiber packaging for a wide range of consumer products such as frozen desserts, frozen foods, dry food and snacks. Huhtamaki also offers in-plant paperboard and plastic container forming systems, which can streamline operations, reduce costs and increase production flexibility. The company operates 10 U.S. manufacturing facilities, with North American headquarters in De Soto, Kansas. Visit

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