Hubbell Awarded Water Heater Contract for U.S. Navy LHA-7 Ship

Hubbell Electric Heater Company, the leading manufacturer of Naval qualified water heaters, announced today that the company has been awarded a contract from HII-Ingalls Shipbuilding for the U.S. Navy USS Tripoli (LHA-7) large-deck amphibious assault ship.

The Hubbell contract consists of several types of Naval qualified water heaters including Hubbell's state-of-the-art semi-instantaneous heaters. The specially designed water heaters provide potable hot water for the crew and are capable of withstanding the shock and vibration environment of a combat vessel.

Ship construction is expected to begin April 2013 with a completion date by fiscal year 2018. The 844ft-long, 106ft-wide vessel has a displacement of 44,971t and is capable of carrying a total of 1,059 crew members, besides marine helicopters, MV22 Osprey tilt rotor aircraft and F35B Joint Strike Fighter (JSF) aircraft.

"Hubbell is proud to have been awarded the contract for this critical U.S. Navy shipbuilding project. We look forward to supplying our military men and women with best in class equipment and to aid in the success of the U.S. Navy LHA-7 program," said William Newbauer Jr., CEO of Hubbell Electric Heater Co.

Since 1945, Hubbell Electric Heater Co. has designed, built and been the supplier of choice to the  U.S. Navy for military qualified water heaters for numerous submarine and surface ship programs.

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