HPI, LLC Acquires UK-based DLE Aero Ltd to Offer Turbine Owner/ Operators DLE Mapping and other Advanced Diagnostic Services

Houston, Texas - 16 February 2011 - HPI, LLC, a leader in the supply of turbine control, fuel valve replacement and mechanical overhaul services, announces the acquisition of U.K-based DLE Aero Ltd., a services firm specializing in Dry Low Emissions/Dry Low NOx (DLE/DLN) mapping. Through DLE/DLN mapping, owner/operators of gas turbines can realize lower emissions and increased combustion efficiency, enabling compliance with more stringent environmental and permitting regulations in the U.S and E.U.

By adding DLE/DLN mapping to the company's broad portfolio of turbine-related services, HPI technicians can analyze performance data from the existing control systems and field devices to determine a turbine's actual performance. HPI engineers will then calculate setpoint adjustments required to allow the most complete burn in modern DLE/DLN systems, thereby increasing the turbine's efficiency and reducing NOx emissions. The control system is then reconfigured with new settings to optimize turbine performance. The new DLE/DLN mapping services complement HPI's mechanical inspections, modifications and repairs, offering owner/operators a complete suite of turn-key services, including fuel system modifications, nozzle replacement, borescope inspections and control system retrofits.

DLE/DLN mapping can be provided on a variety of turbine control systems, whether an OEM-based or PLC system, installed on an industrial frame or aeroderivative turbine. The performance results are available immediately and require minimal downtime without the need to replace any equipment or software. "This is another example of how HPI strives to ensure our customers are properly supported in today's regulatory environment, and leading edge service offerings are one way we stay ahead in this segment of the industry," according to Jerry Wheelwright, VP Engineering and Operations at HPI. "We now can perform any type of field service that may be required on a combustion turbine, matching the portfolio of the typical OEM."

According to Rob Hopwood, founder of DLE Aero Ltd. and new Managing Director of HPI in the UK, "DLE Aero's customers can continue to enjoy global support of the DLE solutions we have provided and also may now access a full suite of specialized services for their fleets of gas turbines."

About HPI, LLC

HPI (www.hpi-llc.com) remains a technological leader in turbine solutions including retrofit control, mechanical inspection/overhaul, turnkey engineering, procurement, and construction of power plants. HPI provides unique solutions to meet specific customer requirements, utilizing in-house talent experienced in project management, engineering, and design, while improving overall plant reliability and safety. Founded in 2002, many of the engineers and managers of HPI received their start in the industry from their work at Hawker Siddeley Dynamics Engineering. HPI has expanded its capabilities from stand-alone turbomachinery control to complete balance of plant systems. In 2005, HPI expanded its Mechanical Group to offer non-destructive testing and mechanical turbine overhaul services, which enables the company to offer a full lifecycle of services, from initial FEED studies to on-going maintenance of systems in the field.

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