How We Do Business

So, FocusLCDs business model is simple.

We design and supply LCDs to OEMs and Design houses located in the US and Canada. Oh . . . and any along the beaches of Hawaii where they serve coffee with those little umbrellas in them.

Our Mantra is LCDs made simple®

When an engineer is ready to start a new design, we make the process simple, fast and low-cost. With that in mind, we mapped out an extensive process flow to make sure we exceed the engineer’s expectations. [maybe convert the bullet points to a flow chart?]

1. Drink coffee and offer good strong dark-roast coffee to engineers and nice people who send us Purchase Orders.

2. Keep Standard LCD samples in stock and rush them into the engineer’s hands. (Here is a video debuting our new same day LCD delivery idea. Find out why engineers are not allowed to be in marketing) <>

3. If a custom LCD is needed: Supply drawings, specs, sample- code etc. Quickly.

4. Drop everything and respond to the engineer the same Hour they call for support.

5. Go back and drink more coffee.

6. KW = engineering drinking coffee

Our goal is to make it very simple for an engineer to locate, then order the correct LCD. Then offer support and more support and still more support.

If you would like to find out more and see how good our Service is, contact us at 480-503-4295 or

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