How Good Is Your Adhesive?

United Resin Corporation located in Royal Oak, Michigan has been producing epoxy formulations for over 37 years. We have developed a high performance granite and stone edge adhesive called Flex-A-Bond resin and 180 hardener.

In its user friendly ratio of 2:1, it produces a tenacious bond, cures quickly, highly polishable, mixes easily with your existing colorants and is water clear. In tests against the competitors, it has been shown to have superior bonding strength and a faster cure.

We would be pleased to provide a sample for you to test and evaluate. Please contact us at 800-521-4757 to request a free sample. The material is available in quart, gallon, 5 gallon pail and drum kits and since we are the manufacturer, special packaging is available.

Also inquire about our knifegrade epoxy gel.

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