Hover-Davis Renews its Distribution Agreement with pb tec GmbH in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Bulgaria

Hover-Davis, a global leader in the design and manufacture of SMT component delivery solutions, announces the renewal of its distribution agreement with pb tec GmbH in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Bulgaria.

Hover-Davis is now renewing its long and successful partnership with pb tec, which began in 1995 as an SMT tape feeder distribution agreement in Germany.

Today pb tec distributes the full line of Hover-Davis component delivery products, including its widely successful SSF Series, Siemens® Siplace® compatible feeders, QF Series Fuji® compatible feeders, SP Series Panasonic® compatible feeders, and its ultra versatile LP Series Label Presenters.

Under license, pb tec manufactures Hover-Davis POD 600 (Print-On-Demand) label feeders as well as Hover-Davis SST Surf Tape feeders.

pb tec is also the exclusive European sales and service distributor of the Hover-Davis DDF Series, direct die feeders. pb tec's process expertise, applications strength and training experience with the DDF position it to provide superb solutions and support to its direct die customers.

"From the beginning our business model for the Hover-Davis products has been built around services and support provided to our customers that insure a total solution experience. For example, we provide a line of feeders from Hover-Davis as well as other custom feeder products. We offer training, spare parts and all of the expected services, but we also offer tools for improving the performance of the products and customization to suit very specialized needs. We have greatly enjoyed our many years growing together with Hover-Davis and look forward to many more," states Reinhard Nitz, pb tec founder, President & CEO.

"Hover-Davis has enjoyed a strong and lasting partnership with pb tec. I am very pleased to announce the renewal and expansion of this great partnership," states Michael Cyr, Hover-Davis General Manager. "Reinhard Nitz and his unique vision have had a very pronounced and valuable influence on our growth and success in Europe. We value their view of the market, their close connection to their customers and also their ongoing passion for providing a complete customer solution. pb tec has helped us to shape Hover-Davis and our success. We look forward to many more years of mutual cooperation and market success."

About Hover-Davis:
Hover-Davis is a global leader in component delivery solutions. With two decades of component delivery technology, engineering and manufacturing experience, Hover-Davis provides ultra reliable and serviceable component and label feeder solutions for most major SMT platforms, including those from Universal Instruments®, Fuji, Panasonic®, Siemens®, JUKI®, MYDATA®, YAMAHA®, Samsung(TM), Europlacer and Assembléon®. Located in Rochester, New York, Hover-Davis was founded in 1989. For more information, please visit www.hoverdavis.com, or call +1.585.352.9590.

About pb tec GmbH:

Since 1988 pb tec is a leader in the European market for professional products and exceptional services for the electronic manufacturing industry. A unique combination of process knowledge, process analysis and process know-how makes the pb tec brand a reliable provider for products such as automatic optical inspection (AOI) and 3D soldering paste inspection systems, component programming systems, traceability software and hardware, feeding and handling solutions. pb tec is located in Hanau Germany and Varna Bulgaria. Please visit www.pbt.de or call +49-6181-360-11-0 for more information.

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