Hot Box for Heat Treating Pallets in the Food Processing Industry

LEWCO recently delivered a standard (4) Tote Hot Box, model EC4TV, to a customer in the food processing industry. The electric hot box will be used to sterilize wooden pallets prior to packaging and shipping. The pallets are loaded into the hot box via lift truck, and heated to 140°F (60°C) for a specified period of time in order to kill biological pathogens.

Due to limited factory floor space, the hot box was designed for outdoor installation; a standard option on all LEWCO hot boxes. Prior to ordering, the customer requested a very aggressive delivery date.  LEWCO Applications Engineers met with their Manufacturing Operations to expedite production, ensuring the customer’s needs were met and the unit was delivered on time.

"The EC4TV hot box was an excellent choice for this application. It provided our customer an economical solution and quick delivery." – Lou Schaefer, Sr. Applications Engineer.

For decades, LEWCO has been a leader in Industrial Oven design, innovation, and manufacturing.  Our line of Industrial Ovens includes a full range of Batch Ovens, Conveyor Ovens, Drum Tote Ovens, Hot Boxes, Drum Heating Tunnels, and large Field Assembled Ovens, as well as High Temperature Furnaces.  Our products are employed in aerospace, automotive, primary metals, chemical, and numerous other manufacturing industries.  At LEWCO, Inc. we focus on customer value; quality products, on-time, at a competitive price.  To view our full line of process heating products, please visit our website

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