Hopper Bottom Hydraulic Trap Opener Kits

Hydraulically Powered Traps save time, reduce workplace injuries and they can even be remotely operated, reducing the need for extra personnel.

These kits are easy to install & provide immediate Cost Savings.

In today's market-place time is money, and improving the efficiency of redundant operations can have big effects to your customer's bottom line. The implementation of hopper bottom hydraulic trap openers for commodity trailers provides cost saving benefits by eliminating bending, shoulder injuries and lost trap wrenches. These benefits combined with faster trap cycle times and the ability to keep drivers in the truck and not distracting mill personnel improves in and out turn-around.

If the hydraulic motors look familiar, that's because they are a tried & true geroter motor, used on winches, augers and conveyors all around the world. No plastic gears or gear boxes here, DFP trap openers provide consistent and reliable operation at all temperatures and environments. No conversion necessary to switch back to manual operation!

No wet kit necessary, these kits include a 12VDC self-contained hydraulic power unit that runs off the truck battery.

Easy to install Hopper Bottom Hydraulic Trap Opener kits are available in the following configurations:

Manual Valve Operation
These kits provide manual operation of the motors. The valve has forward, reverse and neutral positions. For safety, these valves are spring centered. When operator lets go of the handle from any position, the valve handle will center and all operations stop.

Electric Valve Operation
Solenoid operated valves allow for a little more flexibility. They can be operated with a wireless remote control for enhanced operator freedom. All electrical operations have the same safety centering as the manual valves. Whenever a push button is released, all operations come to a halt.

All Kits include electrical connectors for making quick, weather tight connections between truck and trailer, pre-wired power unit starter solenoid and electric tarp opener, all electrical connections are made external from one central control box with all valve connections prewired in a harness assembly.

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