Hollaender Partners with City of Cincinnati to Manufacture Integral Component Needed for The City’s Historic Staircases

Cincinnati, OH - The City of Cincinnati’s Transportation and Engineering Department manages and maintains nearly 400 sets of City hillside stairways which serve the neighborhood residents, guests and commuters in the City of Cincinnati. The hillside steps are an integral part of the city's transportation system and provide a pedestrian-friendly connection to some areas of the City which are quite remote. Besides the day-to-day use of the steps for the traveling public, the steps offer recreational uses as well. Throughout the day, it is not unusual to see runners and hikers utilizing the stairway system as part of their exercise routes. The hillside steps are also a point of destination for many visitors of the City. The public hillside stairways are recognized by many tourists as a unique feature of the City of Cincinnati.

Hollaender Manufacturing has partnered with the city to provide components integral to the ongoing maintenance and construction of the public staircase railings found throughout the city and neighborhoods. Hollaender Manufacturing Co. will manufacture and supply high-strength, corrosion resistant, aluminum railing components, specifically designed for the City of Cincinnati’s historic railing system. Hollaender is proud to partner with the City of Cincinnati and is excited to be part of the city’s commitment to local manufacturing.

Todd Zureick, Vice-President of Sales and Marketing for Hollaender stated, “One of our goals at Hollaender is to ensure we are entrenched in any and all local projects that need railing. Hollaender products are used on public work projects and infrastructure projects throughout the U.S. and we want to make sure the Tristate area knows who we are and what we do. We want local construction companies, contractors and municipalities to have the opportunity to support manufacturers, like us, who proudly manufacture all of our products here in the United States.”

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Since 1946, Hollaender has provided prefabricated railing systems (and components) to architectural and infrastructure projects throughout the country for various industries including solar, cinema & event production, aerospace and safety industrial facilities. Hollaender’s Interna-Rail® and Speed-Rail® pipe fittings can be found on bridges, dams, parks, airports, corporate, hospitality, healthcare and water treatment facilities, solar rack systems, stadiums, production sets and educational campuses. All products are made in the USA with clients that include: NASA, U.S. Army Corp of Engineers, Blue Origin, AES Clean Technology, U.S. Parks & Recreation, and the U.S. Department of Defense. Projects have ranged from the Kennedy Space Center launch pad to Kings Island, Ford Field, Indiana University Stadium, Wright Patt, Mercer Commons (OTR, Cincinnati), Boston’s Langone Park and Cincinnati Elder’s Historic Stadium-the Pit.

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