Hobart Brothers to Showcase Filler Metals at CONEXPO/CON-AGG 2008

TROY, Ohio. December 3, 2007-Hobart Brothers will showcase its welding filler metals at CONEXPO/CON-AGG 2008 in Vegas, March 11-15 at Booth S6. Featured products have been selected based on their ability to improve welding performance and productivity, and include flux-cored wires, metal-cored wires, stick electrodes and hard surfacing products.

Fabshield® XLR-8

The Fabshield XLR-8 self-shielded flux-cored wire features reliable out-of-position welding capabilities for general fabrication, building construction, and repair welding where shielding gas is not readily available. It is especially well suited for vertical-up welds at high current levels and offers excellent slag removal and high-impact strength at low temperatures. To resist cracking and minimize rework, XLR-8 features low diffusible hydrogen levels-less than 6.7 ml per 100 g of weld deposit.

Excel Arc(TM) 71

Excel Arc 71 is an all-position gas-shielded flux-cored wire designed for a variety of fabrication applications. It features low spatter levels and easy-to-remove slag, which helps minimize costs associated with post-weld cleanup. This wire is available in many diameters and packages, and is useable with 100-percent CO2 or a 75/25 Argon/ CO2 shielding gas mixture. This wire also has low diffusible hydrogen levels to minimize cracking.

Metalloy® Vantage

Metalloy Vantage metal-cored wires create clean, flat weld beads with minimum silicon islands that are concentrated at the centerline of the weld to reduce costly cleanup. These wires also offer very low spatter levels to save time prior to painting or plating and. Like other metal-cored wires, Vantage wires offer higher deposition rates and faster travel speeds than solid wires.

VertiWear® Hard Surfacing Wires

VertiWear (600 or AP) gas-shielded hard surfacing wires are designed to restore or protect equipment surfaces through build-up and/or overlay. Wires are designed for a range of impact and abrasion resistance and are useable with 100-percent CO2 or a 75/25 Argon/ CO2 shielding gas mixture. All VertiWear hard surfacing wires feature excellent slag removal to ease cleanup and improve productivity.

Tube-Alloy® Hard Surfacing Wires

Tube-Alloy hard surfacing wires are available in self-shielded and gas-shielded versions. These specially designed alloys are available for a wide range of applications including build-up, impact, abrasion, and high temperature wear. Options are available for build-up and/or overlay to restore equipment surfaces or provide excellent protection against wear.

Hobart 418 (AWS E7018-1 H4R) stick electrode

The Hobart 418 mild steel stick electrode offers excellent arc starting and re-striking capabilities, along with minimal spatter and easy-to-remove slag-features that help improve productivity and minimize rework or cleanup. The 418 performs well on moderately dirty and or rusty steel and produces a very flat bead for a great finished appearance.

Hobart Brothers is dedicated to the highest level of Performance Welding.(TM) For product spec sheets or to learn more about Hobart Brothers products, visit Hobartbrothers.com, call 1-800-424-1543, fax 1-800-541-6607, or write Hobart Brothers Company, 101 Trade Square East, Troy, OH 45373.

Hobart Brothers Company of Troy, Ohio, is a leading manufacturer of welding filler metals marketed under the brand names Hobart, Tri-Mark, McKay and Corex. Hobart Brothers Company is a wholly owned subsidiary of Illinois Tool Works, Inc., Glenview, Ill., a diversified multinational manufacturer of highly engineered components, assemblies and systems.

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