HITACHI Installs 2nd Sigma Mounter at ECU; Replacing Legacy Equipment with High-performance Capability

Fishers, Indiana, USA – Hitachi High High Technologies America announces the sale of a second Sigma  modular mounter at Engineering Concepts Unlimited Inc. (ECU), a leading supplier of equipment to the Industrial Engine Market for OEMs building generators, pumps and mobile equipment. ECU is in its 39th year of business. The installation is part of a program to gradually replace ECU's legacy (Sanyo branded) TCM equipment and replace it with these advanced high-performance Sigma series mounters.

Adam Suchko, CEO at ECU, relates, "We have just doubled our product line offerings and had to assure a good production future. For these reasons we became interested in a 2nd placement machine. We installed our first Sigma G5 about two years ago, and the product quality was simply unbelievable. We only go down to 0603s but we pack them tightly on our boards. Because the placement is so accurate on the theta spins, it always nails the position perfectly. A row of 0603s look picture perfect parallel placed with the Sigma. On top of that we place a lot of 64 pin fine pitch parts. They are placed so perfectly you can't tell the pads from the leads. It moves boards very quickly keeping our board loader busy."

Their second machine, a Sigma G5S, offers a placement speed up to 75,000cph, high speed head accuracy down to 25µm, and multi-function head accuracy down to 15µm. The G5S also utilizes the latest Hitachi feeder technology and can accommodate  standard board sizes of 610 x 510mm (24" x 20") optional 1200x510mm, and can be equipped with self-loading SL component feeders. All feeders can literally be changed in seconds. HITACHI's Sigma G5S is available in both High Speed and Flexible High Speed configurations. It features a two-head placement system that offers the most flexibility in a single high speed head and a multifunction head; two quick-change feeder bases that accommodate tape and stick feeders or quick change tray unit with tape feeders; and the industry's first "Overdrive Control System" whereby both heads can pick from each other's component supply and place on the same board simultaneously and without restriction.

"We know that Yamaha is in the procurement process of Hitachi mounters, but we're very confident in our purchase because we have had nothing but great service with Japanese suppliers," Adam continues. "We almost bought Yamaha before, so it was an easy decision to buy the Hitachi/ Yamaha; after all, we had Sanyo/Hitachi.  Even though it's the new Yamaha Hitachi line, Hitachi products are superbly designed. We have every confidence in our investment in this equipment."

"Our new SigmaG5S will replace our older 3000/5000 line," Adam says. "It-s hard to believe that a G5S can replace a machine that is about 30 feet long, but it will and we know it. We are going to use the space to add more production lines for our "after SMT-board operations. With this machine, we will increase our feeder diversity also so we can run a huge mix of products without ever touching a change-out cart."

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