Historical Flashback

We go through life collecting memories, of times of people, sometimes all it takes is a part of a song, or the sight of some long forgotten trinket to allow memories to come cascading back into our conscience minds.  Time capsules are nothing new, but they give us is a glimpse of a time gone by, insight into what people tenderly put away or consider important or worthy of being saved for later generations.  We do not have them here to let us know why they saved particular items, but we are allowed new insights.

It was with great excitement that the New State House in Boston had a time capsule extracted from its building during repairs.  The time capsule had been discovered in 1855, removed, viewed and put back into place.  This will happen again, but for a short time we have the privilege of seeing what Samuel Adams and Paul Revere, two great American icons, thought would be important to save for posterity. 

We, at PureStat are proud of our work with Intercept Technology, the leading name in preservation and packaging technology. Corrosion Intercept® was used to provide corrosion protecting for the items during examination.  You can see the time capsule laid on Intercept film, providing a safe, non-contaminating surface for the items to be removed and viewed.  Intercept bags were also provided for all of the items to be placed into, so that once the items go off display they can be returned, protected, to their resting place in the corner of the New State House for future generations to have their own thrill of discovery.

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