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High Voltage Pulse Modulator Delivers up to 99 Percent Efficiency

Press release date: Apr 04, 2017

A compact, high voltage pulse modulator for applications including generating vacuum and atmospheric plasmas, semiconductor production, surface sterilization, R/D, and materials modification is available from Diversified Technologies, Inc. of Bedford, Massachusetts.

PowerMod™ High Voltage Pulse Modulators are all solid-state, provide full repeatability, low droop, can be configured for a wide range of current and voltage requirements, and deliver up to 99% efficiency. Featuring fully adjustable pulse widths from 1 to 100 µs and up to 30 kHz nominal pulse frequency, depending upon power level, they yield rise times as low as 15 ns.

Offering full internal self-protection against over-voltage and over-current conditions, the voltage and other settings on PowerMod™ High Voltage Pulse Modulators are easily changed to provide up to 30 kV of peak pulses and currents from 10 to 200 Amps. They are air insulated and water cooled, operate on 110 VAC and are 19” rack mountable.

PowerMod™ High Voltage Pulse Modulators are priced from $49,900.00, depending upon configuration. Quotations are available upon request.

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