High Velocity Hot Air Ovens Used by German Automobile Manufacture

Thermal Engineering Corporation TEC® has developed a High VelocityHot Air Oven with special conveying to warm wiring hardness before installation in cars body during assembly.This is currently installed on existing lines at the manufacture and being installed on their newest assembly line in North America.

These ovens have pay back of less than one year from savings in damage to wiring harnesses and employee hand and arm injuries. The ovens heat softens up the wiring hardness allowing a reduction in stiffness. The conveyor system used maximizes the footprint size of the oven and flexibility in loading and unloading with full monitoring controls and record keeping.

Solid, focused research has fueled Thermal Engineering Corporation TEC®since its beginning in 1961. Founded by two engineering professors from the University of South Carolina, the firm has continuously pursued better solutions through applied innovation. By anticipating, rather than reacting to customer needs, TEC® has acquired more than 110 issued and pending patents in the United States and foreign countries. Today, with decades of experience, TEC® is recognized as a world leader in applied heat transfer technology.

From automobiles and trucks, to furniture, plastics, paper, building products and more, TEC's®process and finishing systems contribute to the product quality of the world's most prominent brand names. Thermal Engineering Corporation's vision is the start of any great finish.

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