High-Performance UV & Antioxidant Chemical Additive Blends Now Available for Companies Facing the Current Supply Shortage

Chemical additives aid the manufacturing process by reducing production costs and assuring that the output meets performance requirements. Therefore, even in good times, there is a consistently significant demand for additives.

Due to the current shortage of materials, most manufacturers are hard-pressed to find enough additives. They need alternative options, especially those looking for individual supplies of UV and Antioxidant additives.

A good replacement option for individual additives is Mayzo’s UV & Antioxidant chemical additive blends. The synergistic properties of Mayzo’s additive blends enable manufacturers to reduce their consumption of additives. This gives companies the ability to overcome shortages of individual additive components they would need to purchase.

“Our innovative chemistries and business model keep products safe, clean and make manufacturing easier. You can be confident when switching over to Mayzo’s UV & Antioxidant blends; they will meet your high-quality performance requirements and save you money,” states Eduardo Padilla, President of Mayzo Inc. “If you are facing a shortage of UV Absorbers or Antioxidants, reach out to our team to discuss your requirements."

Below is a list of UV absorbers or Antioxidant blends available from Mazyo:

  • BLS 2056: Multiple UV absorbers have a broad absorption spectrum. Superior performance in plastics, adhesives, candles, sealants coatings, and elastomers.
  • BLS 2950: Multiple UV Absorber and light stabilizers system developed for use in hot melt adhesives.
  • BLX 1386: Blends of Antioxidants and light stabilizers that provide excellent resistance to thermal oxidation and improved light stability. For hot melt adhesives applications.
  • BLX 2932, BLX 3010: Blend of Antioxidants and light stabilizers, which provides excellent resistance in polyurethanes, is also suitable for adhesives, sealants, and coatings.
  • Custom Blends: Mayzo has the experience and capabilities to customize blends for your specific needs.

Mayzo provides specialty chemical additive solutions on a global scale in a wide range of markets. Since 1986, customers have relied on the Mayzo team for their ingenuity, responsiveness, and extraordinary service culture.

To learn more, visit www.mayzo.com, or contact the company at 1-800-449-9068, or by email at sales@mayzo.com.

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