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High-Performance TPV from GLS Corp. Delivers Multiple Benefits to Biowave's Pain Therapy Medical Devices

Soft Touch Enhances Comfort and Usability for Physicians and Surgeons

MCHENRY, Ill. - Nov. 28, 2007 - GLS Corp., a global leader in the development, manufacture and supply of high-performance, custom-formulated thermoplastic elastomers (TPEs), announced that Biowave Corp. has selected a high-performance GLS TPE for its Deepwave® percutaneous and Homewave® non-invasive neuromodulation pain therapy medical devices. GLS VERSALLOY(TM) XL 9070X-1, a thermoplastic vulcanizate (TPV) alloy, customized by GLS specifically for Biowave, offers exceptional flow properties and delivers a soft-touch feel, secure grip, excellent colorability and superior surface aesthetics for a protective bumper on these revolutionary new portable pain therapy devices.

In addition to achieving Biowave's goals of a comfortable and secure grip for physicians, surgeons and patients, and an attractive appearance for home use, GLS VERSALLOY(TM) XL 9070X-1 alloy resulted in production cost savings. Although it is compounded for use in overmolding, the TPV did not have to be overmolded onto the Poly Carbonate/acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene (PC/ABS) housing.

"Thanks to the flexibility of the VERSALLOY(TM) material and its easy-to-mold characteristics, the finished bumper can be slipped into channels between the upper and lower housings without stretching," said Roger Lockshier, project manager at PTA Corp., the molder of the part. "As a result, the part looks as if it were overmolded directly onto the housing."

The Biowave devices are designed to treat chronic, acute or post-operative musculoskeletal pain. Deepwave® is a percutaneous neuromodulation pain therapy system used by physicians to break the pain cycle; Homewave® is a non-invasive neuromodulation pain therapy system prescribed for home use by physicians to maintain patients' comfort level following successful Deepwave® therapy in clinics or hospitals. Deepwave® and Homewave® devices have both received marketing clearance from the Federal Drug Administration (FDA).

Deepwave® and Homewave® provide the patient with a continuum of care from the office to the home. Deepwave® is a first course foundation pain therapy used in place of prescription opiates and anti-inflammatory drugs, and prior to more invasive courses of action like injection therapies, surgery and implantable devices. Deepwave® and Homewave® provide excellent efficacy for the patient with no side effects, and can be delivered at a reasonable cost to both the physician and patient.

"GLS TPEs are being widely used in the medical market due to a unique set of properties that provide advantages over traditional thermosets, PVC and other materials," said Walter Ripple, VP Global Sales & Marketing. "As healthcare trends emerge and new regulations come into play, our TPEs have become more and more desirable for new applications and improvements to existing applications. Overmolding and barrier technologies are just two of the areas in which our TPEs excel."

PTA Corporation, with molding facilities in Oxford, Conn. and Longmont, Col., has a long and successful history in the plastics industry (since 1953). They have a strong reputation for addressing the unique needs of medical products manufacturers in all areas of design, product quality, cost and manufacturability. They are ISO 9001:2000 certified and UL® registered.

Biowave Corporation is a percutaneous neuromodulation pain therapy company whose major goal is to help physicians and surgeons manage their patients' pain and reduce or eliminate the use of opiates, NSAIDs and associated side effects. Multiple clinical studies including blinded randomized controlled studies have shown that a 20-30 minute treatment provides patients with an immediate 75 percent average reduction in pain and a significant increase in range of motion which lasts for 24 hours. The company's products provide results similar to implantable neuromodulation devices without the risk and at a fraction of the cost.

About GLS Corp.

GLS Corp., a global leader in the development, manufacture, and supply of high-performance, custom-formulated thermoplastic elastomers (TPEs), is headquartered in the United States near Chicago in McHenry, Ill. The company specializes in the manufacture of application-specific soft and ultra-soft TPEs for injection molding and extrusion. GLS has supplied specialty TPEs to the industry since 1979, and is recognized as a worldwide leader in TPE technology solutions. Specific products sold by GLS include proprietary DYNAFLEX® TPE compounds based on KRATON® polymers (available in injection molding and extrusion, as well as medical and FDA grades); VERSAFLEX® TPE specialty alloys (available in soft-touch, lightweight, ultra-soft, ultra-clear, and overmolding grades); VERSALLOY(TM) TPV alloys; and VERSOLLAN(TM) TPU alloy compounds. GLS recently announced it has signed a non-exclusive license agreement with The Dow Chemical Company for GLS to offer TPE compounds based on INFUSE(TM) olefin block copolymers under GLS' DYNALLOY® OBC trade name, and with the tag line "Powered by INFUSE(TM) olefin block copolymers." GLS is also the exclusive distributor of KRATON compounds and polymers for the compounding market in the United States, and also distributes KRATON compounds and polymers globally.

Media Contacts:
Walter Ripple
GLS Corp.

Jim Allison
AH&M Marketing Communications

For more information on the TPE products, contact:
In Europe: GLS International Inc. - Phone: +31 165 331 293
In Asia: GLS Thermoplastic Alloys Suzhou Co. Ltd. - Phone: +86 512 6265 2600
In Hong Kong: GLS Hong Kong Ltd - Phone: +852 2690 5330
In Taiwan: GLS Taiwan - Phone: +886 9396 99740
In USA: GLS Corp. - Phone: +1 800 457 8777

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