High Grade Thread Sealants for Every Industry

Anti-Seize Technology produces a complete line of government-and-industry-approved Thread Sealants.

Franklin Park, Illinois-Anti-Seize Technology (AST) is a regular player in the industrial chemical industry and has been since their inception in 1971. Along with many other products, AST carries the broadest lines of Thread Sealants including brush-on, PTFE Tapes, and anaerobic threadlockers and sealants. With this complete line, AST makes it easy for companies to attain high-quality Thread Sealants from one source for any tough job.

Known for their quality products and strong customer service, AST is a dependable single source of Thread Sealants for any and every industry. Their line includes products with PTFE performance, hydraulic formulated sealants, non-hardening and non-grit formulas, soft and hard-sealing products, UL Classified, NSF Registered, and FDA Approved credentials, and other industry-specific sealants. AST completes the line with thread sealing Poly-Temp Tapes, Anaerobic Threadlockers, and Anaerobic Sealants in an array of styles for literally any professional or handyman job requiring a thread sealant.

"We work hard to make sure we have what the industry needs to get the job done." John Heydt, AST President remarks. "We're not a big company but that ends up being a very big advantage to our customers. Our product formulas are similar and sometimes better than our big-name competitors and that means our customers can buy the same product or better from us and they don't have to pay for the "big" name.

AST products serve many industries and a wide range of uses. In addition to Thread Sealants, other product lines include anti-seize compounds, lubricants, penetrants, threadlockers, protectants, instant-gasket products, and cleaners/degreasers.

Anti-Seize Technology delivers 17 Thread Sealants
  • TUF-SET(TM), blue pipe-thread sealant that sets firm but stays flexible to
    combat vibration.
  • SOF-SET(TM) is a non-petroleum based general-purpose thread sealant.
    TFE(TM), pipe thread Sealant with PTFE, UL Classified, NSF Registered,
    FDA Approved.
  • SLICKON® GTS GOLD(TM) is engineered and tested to be FGG/
    BM®/CZ® system compatible with FlowGuard Gold®, Corzan®, and
    BlazeMaster® pipe and fittings.
  • AST-SEAL(TM) HYD (Hydraulic) and AST-SEAL(TM) PH (Pneumatic/
    Hydraulic) are anaerobic thread sealants created to withstand
    hydraulic pressures and resist all hydraulic fluids.
  • AST-SEAL(TM) STD and AST-SEAL(TM) HD, UL Classified, anaerobic pipe
    sealants with PTFE.
  • S'MOOTH(TM) is a FDA Approved general-purpose metal pipe thread
    sealant with a smooth consistency and no grit.
  • AST-PPD(TM), plumber's pipe dope professional grade is smooth, grit-free,
    seals thread joints, and will not crack or crumble.
    different Threadlockers, Sealants, and Retaining Compounds handle
    any tough job.

    Ast Poly-Temp® Tapes Include:
  • POLY-TEMP® MD-General purpose, medium density
  • POLY-TEMP® HD-Heavy duty PTFE tape
  • POLY-TEMP® XHD-Extra heavy duty PTFE tape
  • POLY-TEMP® SSG-Stainless steel grade PTFE tape
  • POLY-TEMP® GAS (XHD)-Yellow GAS ine PTFE tape
  • POLY-TEMP® PNK (XHD)-Pink plumber's tape
  • LOW DENSITY PTFE-Thread seal tape

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