Here Today...Here Tomorrow

AFC Industries, Inc. celebrates 20 years of Ergonomic Innovation and Furniture Manufacturing.

College Point, New York

AFC Industries is proud to announce that 2014 marks its 20th Anniversary of leadership in the design and manufacturing of ergonomic furniture and workstations.

From its beginnings as a small metal manufacturing shop, opened in the New York City suburb of College Point, the company has expanded to a full service manufacturing operation with over 95,000 square feet of space. Today, AFC serves a host of vertical industries within the Healthcare, Information Technology, Security, Emergency Responder, Financial, Manufacturing and Audio Video sectors, and has seen the workforce emphasis shift to increased productivity and workforce safety through the application of sound ergonomic principles.

Known for products that support all different forms of technology, work and activities, AFC strives to create an interesting and ergonomic workspace for today’s dynamic worker and their needs. Whether it is a traditional office, open setting, a collaboration table or using video conferencing, AFC has worked to create a myriad of solutions to meet its customer’s needs.

Company President Anat Rotlevi states that …“The secret to the success of our business is the flexibility to tailor solutions to individual requirements and preferences, while meeting the highest quality standards expected by our clients.”

AFC Industries, we are here today and we will be here tomorrow providing customer centric solutions to new and old customers alike. AFC Industries is still located at 13-16 133 Place, College Point, NY 11356. For more information and to view our product lines, visit our new website at or call 800-663-3412.

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