Henkel Changes the Game Again - New, Innovative Materials to Debut at APEX 2016

Since its introduction at last year's APEX event, the global adoption of Loctite® GC 10 temperature stable solder paste and its excellent in-process performance have been unprecedented.  At APEX 2016, Henkel Adhesive Technologies will highlight the success of this ground-breaking material and showcase its new water soluble counterpart, Loctite GC 3W – another game-changer for the electronics market.  Show delegates are invited to visit Henkel in booth #1814 to learn more about its market-leading solder products, as well as brand new developments in Technomelt® encapsulants and Liqui-Form® thermal interface materials.

Underpinned by the formulation breakthrough of Loctite GC 10, Loctite GC 3W delivers similar temperature stability characteristics, but does so in a water washable formula for high reliability applications that require residue-free assemblies.  The new material combines high-activity flux performance and temperature stability at 26.5°C for six months and at 40°C for one month, which is unlike any other water soluble paste on the market. A long stencil life of more than eight hours and wide cleaning window that allows residue removal as late as seven days after assembly, Loctite GC 3W offers assembly specialists maximum process flexibility and excellent performance.

"Henkel continues to break new ground in materials development," comments Doug Dixon, Henkel Global Marketing Director.  "While our Loctite GC solder materials have earned huge market visibility, Henkel's transformative developments are not limited to solder.  Technomelt hot melt materials have been engineered to now also deliver thermal functional capability and new, enabling thermal management materials are leading the way for today's higher operating temperature devices."

In addition to the latest solder materials, Henkel's APEX exhibit will showcase the new portfolio of thermally conductive Technomelt products.  A leap forward for protective materials, thermally conductive Technomelt allows assemblies to be encapsulated in a self-enclosed housing, and also dissipate heat.  The premiere material in the portfolio offers a thermal conductivity of 0.5 W/m-K and is ideal for applications such as LED drivers, automotive electronic power systems and solar inverters.  Live molding demonstrations of thermally conductive Technomelt will take place in booth #1814 on board an LPMS USA molding system.

Henkel's leadership in thermal management technology will also be highlighted during the March 15 – 17 APEX event, with specific emphasis on a brand new Bergquist Liqui-Form material developed for demanding applications that require excellent thermal conductivity and high throughput capability.  A streamlined thermal pad replacement for telecom and handheld products, Liqui-Form 3500 is a one-part gel that is conducive to today's highly automated processes for miniaturized devices. Unlike other liquids or greases, Liqui-Form 3500 is thixotropic and has a higher viscosity, offering superb bondline control up to thicknesses of 1 mm.  A high thermal conductivity of 3.5 W/m-K,  stability in continuous use at temperatures as high as 200°C, industry-leading low ionics and easy reworkability make Liqui-Form 3500 unique among thermal interface liquids.  See this new material in dispensing demos throughout the three-day APEX exhibition.

For more information or to schedule an appointment, call 714-368-8500 or send an e-mail to doug.dixon@henkel.com. Details about Henkel's full portfolio high performance materials are available online at www.henkel.com/electronics.

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