Heilind Electronics Now Stocking JAE Electronics AX01 Series High-Speed Connectors

The AX01 series floating board-to-board connector provides flexibility over conventional connectors

WILMINGTON, MASS. (PRWEB) JULY 21, 2020- Heilind Electronics, a leading global distributor of electronic components, has added JAE Electronics’ AX01 series of high-speed floating type board-to-board connectors to its extensive portfolio of connector solutions.

The JAE AX01 connector features a floating structure, which allows movement of plus/minus 0.5 mm in the X and Y direction, as well as large mating guides, which can absorb positional shifts or misalignments that may occur during mounting and assembly. This unique design allows increased flexibility over conventional rigid-type board-to-board connectors that often have difficulty with alignment when multiple connectors are mounted on the same board.

The AX01 is also equipped with a two-point contact structure that allows for highly reliable connections, while providing countermeasures against discontinuity caused by foreign objects and flux. Additionally, the AX01 series uses the smoother rolled surface of the terminals for the mating areas, which reduces problems associated with high insertion and removal forces required in conventional two-point contact connectors.
The AX01 connector is ideal for internal connection of industrial equipment such as robots, automated machines and machine tools. This solution is designed for high-speed transmissions and can achieve speeds exceeding 8 Gbps (equivalent to 10 GBASE-KR and PCIe Gen3).

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About JAE Electronics
JAE Electronics is a global leader in the design and manufacture of connectors, user interface devices and aviation electronics. It is recognized for its innovative technologies in developing fine pitch board-to-board, board-to-cable, FPC, memory card, input/output, circular, automotive/transportation, energy storage and waterproof connectors.

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