Hawkeye Systems' Radiant Images Installs Volumetric Light Field Capture System - AXA Stage for Sony Innovation Studios

LOS ANGELES, Oct. 10, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Hawkeye Systems, Inc. (OTCQB: HWKE), a next-generation imaging technology company, announced today Radiant Images, an award-winning technology provider to customers worldwide, installed its volumetric (a.k.a. holographic / 4D video) capture system for Sony Innovation Studios Inc., a division of Sony Pictures Entertainment (SPE). As previously reported, the Company has agreed to acquire Radiant Images.

Radiant Images' award-winning AXA Stage is a modular volumetric light field stage that utilizes 100+ cameras inside a sphere and captures the action from every possible viewpoint to create a more engaging and dynamic immersive experience for virtual reality, augmented reality, XR and all forms of immersive experiences and future of communication devices.

"The potential of AXA is extraordinary, and we're pleased to be working with Sony as partners to enhance the future of interactive experiences for audiences," said Corby Marshall, founder, and chief executive officer of Hawkeye Systems. "We are pleased that our award-winning AXA stage is an integral component for Sony's future of holographic videos such as volumetric and light field stages."

Radiant Images' proprietary patent-pending image capture systems have dramatically accelerated the next technology cycle. The AXA's highly accurate camera positioning is essential for automation and algorithms for all volumetric and light field capture, placing the system on the cutting edge of this technology.

"The AXA Stage is not only disruptive to the picture industry but also a true outlier in the way that it can provide data and intelligent information in real-time," said Michael Mansouri, co-founder of Radiant Images. "Our team was determined to amplify the way film is captured today, and we're excited to see that Sony believes in our achievements and efforts."

Radiant has had a long-term partnership and collaboration with Sony when Radiant's AXA camera first debuted at the National Broadcasters Association in 2017 and featured an equidistant modular design that was equipped with real-time live preview stitch, power distribution, timecode synchronization and genlock sync. In 2018, Radiant developed the Meridian Light Field system utilizing the Sony RX0.

The AXA stage is housed at Sony's Innovation Studios, Sony Entertainment & Technology, a state-of-the-art facility in a 7,000 square-feet sound stage on the Sony Pictures Studio lot.

About Hawkeye Systems, Inc.

Hawkeye Systems, Inc. is an American next-generation imaging technology company developing products and services for military, police and the safety of civilians. The company is focused on developing cutting edge optical imaging products and services to assist the military and police forces with Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (ISR).

Hawkeye is led by U.S. Military Academy (West Point) graduates, as well as film and entertainment industry leaders. We are researching, designing, and developing technology systems to protect and assist our military, police officers and first responders while helping keep civilians safe from all threats both foreign and domestic.

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Number: +1(800)531-8799
Website: www.hawkeyesystemsinc.com

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