Hands-Free Sink and Dryer from Terra Universal

Fullerton, CA - Clean hands, gloves and small lab supplies with Terra’s hands-free sink and dryer. The unit is made of 304 stainless steel or white polypropylene to comply with critical-environment cleanliness standards. Electropolished steel is also available. These materials resist damage from many chemicals and are easy to wipe down with disinfectants. Multiple sink units may be installed in-line for busy labs.

The sink/dryer features infrared beams that turn water and dryer on when interrupted, saving personnel from touching surfaces that may spread contaminating germs. Facilities that are required to maintain aseptic conditions may add an optional hands-free soap dispenser, also powered by an IR sensor.

The dryer contains an ULPA filter than removes 99.999% of particles and other contaminants that are 0.12 µm and larger from circulating air. The fan’s brushless motor is isolated within insulated housing, muffling noise and eliminating any carbon contaminants. Housing easily swings open to access filter and dryer electronics.

Terra Universal has 40-years of experience manufacturing cleanrooms and critical environment equipment. For more information about Hands-Free Sink and Dryer, visit Terra’s website.


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