Hamlet Focuses on HD and File Quality at IBC2006

Amersham, 17 July 2006: Leading test and measurement specialist Hamlet will be introducing a number of new HD products at IBC2006. Whatever the application, there is an accurate, appropriate and affordable Hamlet product to ensure the highest technical standards are achieved.

The latest version of the Vidscope-vx software-based test and measurement system supports HDV, SD, HD and dual-link HD for digital cinema and other top-end applications. Vidscope-vx is software running on a standard PC which provides comprehensive quality conformance, including vectorscope, waveform, colour gamut, audio and confidence monitoring. As well as realtime checks, Vidscope-vx can also provide offline checks of content delivered over IP networks.

The handheld Flexiscope has proved highly successful by giving engineers comprehensive HD and SD test and measurement literally in the palms of their hands. The new MicroFlex delivers exactly the same precision and functionality but in an even smaller package at just 50% of the volume, measuring 164.7mm x 94.8 x 35.7mm. Its modular construction allows the user to match the tool to the application: composite or digital input, SD or HD with embedded audio and external reference. Hamlet continues to add modules to the range to add to the usefulness of the product.

For precise monitoring of high definition digital signals in fixed installations, Hamlet now offers the MonitorScope MS9000 and the DigiScope DS9000. Functionally identical, the MonitorScope has an integral high resolution TFT screen and fits into the familiar half rack width form factor; the DigiScope is a 1U cabinet with video and DVI outputs to be routed to any convenient display.

Audio is not forgotten, either, with a new approach to the monitoring of surround sound, a vital part of the HD experience. The Hamlet display uses colour and shape to indicate the relative phase, balance and levels of all six channels, together with conventional bar-graphs to show absolute levels in each channel. The new audio display is integrated into the Vidscope-vx family, and is available as a standalone Precision Audio Surround Sound Meter.

The Hamlet display, on stand 9.511, will feature live demonstrations of the complete range of uncompromised but cost-effective test and measurement tools.

Currently celebrating its 20th anniversary in 2006, Hamlet Video International Limited is a British company dedicated to the design, manufacture and supply of innovative, high quality and cost-effective test and measurement equipment to the video and broadcast industries worldwide.

Hamlet has completely eliminated CRTs from its instruments, thereby removing the need for routine display recalibration and thus reducing significantly the cost of ownership of a precision instrument. With its latest devices using an all-digital internal platform, Hamlet has moved towards a calibrated-for-life test and measurement system.

Hamlet's vectorscopes and waveform monitors either use an internal precision LCD display or provide an output to either a video or a computer monitor, which can be routed to the operator's convenience. In either case the graticules are generated digitally within the device, so provides a continually reliable and accurate reference.

The company also develops test and measurement software to be used in conjunction with broadcast systems running on standard computers. Finally, Hamlet manufactures digitally-stable signal generators as a companion to its measurement devices.

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