Hach Welcomes Marsh-McBirney to the Family

Loveland, Colorado, February 28, 2006 - Hach Company is pleased to announce the acquisition of Marsh-McBirney and welcomes Marsh-McBirney to the Hach family of products. By combining both companies' strengths with a shared commitment to accuracy, reliability and service, the new partnership will help further provide support of their leading edge products for the benefit of customers worldwide.

For more than 34 years, Marsh-McBirney has been highly regarded for its innovative, reliable and accurate flow measuring technologies. The Frederick, Maryland, based company's Flo-Dar(TM) Flowmeter, winner of the prestigious 2005 Innovative Technology Award from the Water Environment Federation, is the first sewer flow monitoring technology that provides accurate velocity and flow measurements without making contact with sewage.

The Hach Company, started in 1947, first gained major success through the development of a simplified titration method for measuring hardness in drinking water. From there, the company's product line expanded to include more parameters and instruments as the company continued to bring analytical chemistry out of the laboratory and into the workplace the world over. With the incorporation of American Sigma in 2000, Hach expanded beyond chemistry into flow measurement technology. Today, with the capability to measure over 100 different parameters, Hach is considered the first name in water monitoring.

"Water monitoring and analysis is Hach's top focus. Marsh-McBirney brings strong technical capabilities, that, combined with Hach's global reach and world-class manufacturing, distribution and customers service capabilities creates a unique position to best serve the growing demand for flow measurement products and technologies worldwide," said Tom Joyce, President of Hach.

"We are delighted about our partnering with Hach," said Marsh-McBirney CEO/President and Founder, Larry Marsh. "Our companies have a similar approach - success through a single-minded commitment to providing superior technologies and service. Combining our forces is an exceptional catalyst for the future growth of our technologies and business."

The Marsh-McBirney full pipe flow meter products will also complement Hach's sister company, McCrometer, further enhancing the global technical, business, and service capabilities of the full pipe flow meter portion of both McCrometer's and Marsh-McBirney's product line.

For more information please contact Hach Company at (800) 227-4224 x 6913, or visit www.hach.com

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