H2O Degree’s Comprehensive Systems Uniquely Positioned to Support New California Legislation Mandating Water Submetering in Multi-Family Facilities

Bensalem, PA - Dec. 1, 2016 - California State Senate Bill SB 7, passed in September of this year, requires water submetering in all new-construction multi-family dwellings in California after Jan. 1, 2018. The goal of SB 7 is to hold tenants accountable for water usage and encourage conservation while providing consumer protection. The bill also addresses the prevalent problem of water leaks – a major source of unnecessary water consumption. Offering the unique ability to monitor and detect the source of specific water leaks, H2O Degree’s water submetering systems are ideally suited to meeting this ground-breaking mandate.

H2O Degree manufactures two-way wireless mesh submetering systems for tenant billing, leak detection, utility conservation and building automation system integration in multi-family facilities. In submetering installations throughout the country, H2O Degree monitoring results demonstrate how facilities are effectively cutting their water usage in half. H2O Degree’s successful approach to conservation is based on driving both tenants and property managers to make behavioral changes. Tenants are incentivized to conserve water since they are held accountable for their individual usage, and property managers are able to take proactive water-saving maintenance measures since they receive daily leak-detection reports.

President of H2O Degree, Don Millstein, is a board member on the UMCA (Utility Management & Conservation Association). Many UMCA members supported the four-year effort to pass SB 7. Other organizations and agencies behind the bill’s passage include: the California Building Industry Association (CBIA), the California Association of Realtors, the Western Center on Law & Poverty, the Sierra Club, and the California League of Conservation Voters.

“H2O Degree is excited to support this important milestone in water conservation,” said Don Millstein. “Our submetering systems offer a proven solution for reducing water consumption in multi-family facilities throughout the country.” He added, “We encourage property owners and landlords to use H2O Degree as a resource to learn more about compliance with SB 7 and how submetering offers significant environmental and financial benefits.”

To help support implementation of the new bill, H2O Degree provides sales representative agencies in northern and southern California that are very well versed in SB 7 compliance. The Osborne Company (Livermore, CA) and Keyline Sales (Downey, CA) each offer over 10 outside representatives to support the market, from site visits and engineering take-offs to the development of bill of materials. At the installation level, H2O Degree also supports all of the major third-party meter reading companies and plumbing contractors.

To learn more about how to comply with the new legislation, please contact the H2O Degree sales representative agency in your region. They welcome the opportunity to personally meet and discuss the rules and solutions.

For northern CA - The Osborne Company (925) 449-1700

For southern CA - Keyline Sales (562) 904-3910

To learn how H2O Degree’s submetering and leak detection system results in significant savings, please go to www.h2odegree.com.

About H2O Degree

H2O Degree manufactures a broad line of wireless mesh, radio-based submetering and leak detection systems that measure individual apartment or condo use of water, domestic hot water energy, boiler and chiller energy, electricity, gas and BTUs. The company also offers Green Thermostats, which track energy use and apartment temperature while allowing tenants and property owners to set temperature set-points and schedules, adjust set-back temperatures when tenants are away or asleep and report HVAC maintenance issues. For more information, please go to: www.h2odegree.com.


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