H&V's Technostat® Plus Nominated for EDANA Innovation Award

East Walpole, Mass - April 8, 2011 - Hollingsworth & Vose has been nominated for the EDANA Innovation Award for its Technostat® Plus filter media. Technostat Plus is an electret air filter media for use in respirators, HVAC, medical, vacuum cleaners and cabin air filter applications.

H&V's Technostat Plus is an extension of the Technostat product family, which achieves higher filter media performance and enhanced processability. Technostat products offer high sub-micron efficiency, high dust holding capacity, extremely low pressure drop and a stable shelf life. As with H&V's recently introduced Capaceon® product platform, Technostat breaks the link between filter media basis weight and performance. For example, one media design offers pressure drops which are nearly half that of current media at the same basis weight. Another design retains the same performance level of current Technostat while offering a 20-25% basis weight reduction. Technostat Plus offers filter designers greater flexibility and increased life time value.

European Nonwovens Industry Association EDANA will present their annual awards on April 12th, the opening day of the INDEX 11 show in Geneva. These awards are described by EDANA as "the highest accolade for the best examples of excellence in our industry".

For further information on Technostat Plus, please contact Bastian Keil at Bastian.Keil@hovo.com

Established in 1843, Hollingsworth & Vose Company is a global leader in the supply of technically advanced engine, high efficiency and liquid filtration media, battery separator materials and industrial nonwovens. The company operates manufacturing sites and research centers in the Americas, Europe and Asia.

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