GyroWash - Washing and Dry Cleaning Colour Fastness Tester offers Complete Flexibility of Test Methods

GyroWash, from James Heal, is used to determine colour fastness to washing, dry cleaning and chlorinated water of textile and leather samples and as the test vessels are interchangeable, testing can be carried out to both European (ISO) and American (AATCC) standards. It is also equipped with a UniController™, a smart and innovative multifunctional interface which gives the user the control they need.


GyroWash is equipped with two sizes of test vessels, 500ml (ISO) and 1200ml (AATCC). These stainless steel vessels are completely interchangeable in every position within the instrument and so can accommodate testing to both the European (ISO) and American (AATCC) standards.

A significant design improvement, which will be greatly appreciated by the user, are spring loaded mechanisms which only require a gentle push and twist to locate the vessels in position. This makes the loading and uploading the vessels incredibly easy and also eradicates the need for tooling. The vessels are also fitted with universal seals, which are resistant to both detergents, dry cleaning solvents and chlorine. Consequently the seals never need changing.

A new and very welcome feature of the James Heal GyroWash range is a dedicated and convenient test vessel preparation area on the top surface of the machine. This is a specifically designed drainage shelf with a perforated grill on which vessels can be placed when not in use to collect surplus water in a drip tray, which can be removed and emptied.


GyroWash is equipped with a UniController™ which is a smart and innovative user interface, which allows the user to intuitively and easily program the time and temperature parameters operation of the instrument. The functionality includes the temperature scale, which can be set to either Celsius or Fahrenheit, a countdown timer, a display of the rotational speed and an auto-start feature which will start the machine once the bath has reached the pre-set temperature. The user even has the ability to adjust the volume of the alarm which signifies the end of test.


As expected from James Heal instruments, the latest GyroWash testers are built to last and are designed for continuous use in wet environments with all exposed parts and the test vessels are manufactured from high grade stainless steel and are CE compliant.


The GyroWash is available in two model; the smaller instrument – model 1315/8, can take up to eight large or small test vessels and the larger instrument, model1315/20, can accommodate up to twenty large or small test vessels, both of which are fully flexible to allow the user to combine the different sizes.


An additional feature that will undoubtedly prove useful is a conveniently located document holder at the front of the machine. This holder may be used to store your own documentation, as well as a matrix of ISO 105-CO6 and AATCC 61 test parameters (supplied with the machine).

UKAS accredited calibrations (ISO 17025 Standards) are available for the GyroWash as are a full range of complementary consumables under the James Heal Test Materials brand.

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The UniController™, an innovative multifunctional interface which gives the user the control required.

The GyroWash is available in two model - both fully flexible to allow the user to combine the different sizes of test vessel.

The two sizes of test vessels enable testing to both the European (ISO) and American (AATCC) standards.

A specifically designed drainage shelf with a perforated and removable grill collects surplus water in a drip tray.

Manufactured from high grade stainless steel the GyroWash is designed for continuous use in wet environments 

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