Guden Offers Online Gas Spring Knowledge Base

Ronkonkoma, NY - H. A. Guden Co., Inc. announces the publishing of an online knowledge base to aid engineers in the selection of gas springs and dampers. The documentation provided includes Product Descriptions, Technical Guide, FAQ's, Design Forms, CAD files, Pricing, and Warranty Information, all located at

The information is offered to help engineers determine the right gas spring or damper for their application based on design factors such as loads, mounting restrictions, environment, frequency and range of motion, and aesthetic and cost considerations. Once the applicable requirements and tradeoffs have been established, engineers can choose from Guden's full line of gas springs and dampers, which includes the GGN-Black Nitrate Rod, GGS-Chrome Plated Rod, STS-316L Stainless Steel and ECL-SafeLock gas springs; or their GD-Dampers and SCD-Self Centering Dampers.

Some of the key tradeoffs between Guden's gas spring offerings are as follows: The chrome plating on chrome-rod gas springs offers superior lubrication of the sealing mechanisms, protecting the seals from long-term wear. Seal damage is the number one cause of premature gas spring failure. Black nitrate rod gas springs feature an attractive "all black" appearance, offer 10-times the corrosion resistance of chrome-rod gas springs, and cost less. Stainless gas springs are ideally suited for harsh environments, where even higher levels of corrosion resistance are required, such as the marine industry, or the food and medical industries, where highly corrosive cleaning fluids are used.

Dampers are used to control the speed of motion when lowering or swinging heavy doors or lids. Self-centering dampers control motion in extension and compression and back to the neutral condition.

Guden stocks gas springs with P1 forces from 20 to 250 lbs, in strokes from 2 to 15.5 inches, and extended lengths from 7.5 to 35.3 inches. Custom forces and sizes are also available. The gas springs are stocked with standard plastic ball socket end fittings with options available for steel zinc-plated sockets and fat blade fittings. Many mounting hardware options are also offered. Guden gas springs are sold with a 2-year warranty.

Design forms, technical drawings and CAD files of all Guden gas springs and dampers are available for download at
Established in 1920, Guden is an ISO 9000:2000 Registered company.

For a complete catalog of gas springs and dampers, please contact H. A. Guden Co., Inc. at 800-344-6437, fax: 631-737-2933,,

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